Musical Monday: The Share and Share Alike Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 10, 2016


This weekend I was hanging with Regina and while taking a momentary break from our joint BTS, BigBang, Roy Kim, Junsu obsession, when it was Regina’s turn to have control of the tv, she played me something which I originally rolled my eyes to (just a little bit) and then, surprise to me, ended up loving the ever loving crap out of. Gah, I have to be a little more open minded sometimes, don’t I? (Answer: Yes. ) But will I? (Answer: Let’s be completely honest and say no.)

This song was a mashup of Cypher and Gangnam (and if I probably new more, a bunch of other songs) sung by a mashup of some great rappers, Simon D and Gaeko (which is why I gave it side-eyes) Tablo (who I squeeeeed out loud at when he popped onto the screen)

Mithra Jin, and Dynamic Duo (who I fell hard for at Kcon this year.) To see all of these musicians working together but allowed their own turns to shine? It was a great collaboration and I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to this song — or even more surprisingly who’s part I enjoyed more. As I’m a giant Tablo-head you’d think I’d right out of the box say him, and my gut says ‘just say it’ but if I actually put my head to it, I couldn’t say who I liked more. And that is the marks of a good group.

Downside. Apparently they were here to performa  while back, and not only did I not go, I maybe, possibly, (okay probably definately) sneered at the suggestion. I know, I know, I kick myself for it now.

As I should.

Apparently this was filmed for an SBS awards program 4 years ago. Take a look, you can see baby B1A4 in the background.

(This just proves that B1A4 will never age, ever.)

Cypher, Gangnam Clique

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