Kcon Cometh Part Deux. 

Posted by Stephanie on July 19, 2016


kcon-featurePlanning on going to Kcon LA? Good, me too! And if you’re within the sound of my (written) voice and you are going to be in LA, you’d better come and hear my actual voice, ie, come see my panels or, even better, come to our meetup!

Come on, you wouldn’t want to make me sad would you? Or would you, you saucy minx?

So. Information on my panels finally came through and here are all the details:

Missed Secret Lives of Kpop Fans Over 30? Or were you one of the sad few (like I almost was even though I was a panelist) who was turned away at the door? Well, me and my other friends…of a certain age…are back! Now, here’s the kicker, they put us in a half room again, so if you are looking to go to this panel, I recommend you go early to snag yourself a seat. (This year I will be too…)

PANEL: Saturday, July 30

The Return of the Secret Life of K-Pop Fans Over 30 


Panel 153A (Please note that panel rooms are located in Concourse Hall).

Panelists: Zombiemama , Tanya Rodriguez, Young Ajummah, ME!, June

Moderators: Multifacetedacg

Next up is a new panel to the roster, one that is being hosted by someone you know and love…me! Yep, turns out I’m the moderator for this panel, which seems fitting as this year I’ve been watching more Web dramas. (Those bite sized pieces are hustle so much easier to wedge into a schedule.)

PANEL: Sunday, July 31

K-Pop Idols & SNS Dramas

3:00PM – 4:00PM


Panelists: Vivi, Kaedejun, ockoala, Zombiemama, Cherry Cordial

Moderator: ME!

I hope to see you there! And these panels aren’t enough to lure you in? How about an appearance by Kchat Jjigae heavy hitters, Cherry Cordial? Fangirl Musings? Molly in Kdramaland? Or THE Mystical Being of Unicorns?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Now, as promised, Kchat Jjigae will be having a meetup! It’s going to be Friday, after the conference, at a Korean Restaurant  (to be determined very shortly, as Mystical Unicorns are of course herbivores, we need to locate one with plenty of options.) As soon as we have the details banged out, I’ll pass them right along.

So, I hope to see you there!  I’ll be the one making a huge fool of myself over BTS.

First time going to Kcon? Check out my Kcon tip post  for this year and last.

May the high touch scratchers ever be in your favor!

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