The Web Drama Project 

Posted by Stephanie on July 21, 2016


webdramas 2So. If you read my Kcon post, you’ll know that I suddenly found myself the moderator of a panel on Kpop Idols and their inevitable turn to Web dramas. Heh. Web dramas, the feeding ground of wannabe kstars. This last minute project means one thing… WATCH ALL THE DRAMAS!

Okay, so maybe for a normal person, it would mean something else, but to an uber competitive person such as I? Does it matter I just started a new job? Nope. Does it matter I’m still technically working at the first job? Apparently not. How about the fact Fangirl Musings hits town in one day? Nein, nein Frauline. (Sorry, Jacqueline). Or the fact I leave for kcon in a week? Okay. That one has me concerned.

And yet here I am, list in hand, tablet full, ready to attempt this feat. And luckily, because there is this panel and Cherry Cordial and I believe in being overly prepared, there is a list.


Now. If you don’t see one of you favorites here, keep in mind this list is only for Web dramas (SNS Dramas technically), it does not include drama specials broadcast on regular networks  (like Slash Splash Love). However, if you see a drama that is not here but should be? Let me know! (Although my sleepy brain says noooooooo keep it to yourself! The completest in me though demands to be accurate.)


The ones in red are the ones I’ve seen as you can tell, I have a long way to go!  ….. I’ll keep you updated


  • Reply KpopontheDL July 21, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Lily Fever is only like, 8, five minute episodes. You can bang that one out and call it a win.

  • Reply Callista July 22, 2016 at 12:15 am

    Let me save you some time.
    Dream Knight with Got7 is ok, anything with Got7 is ok
    My Love Eundong JR of Got7 was good, for sure. And so cute! Ep 1 & 2, that about covers it.
    Missing Korea with Sandara Park, that’s ok,too.
    Love Cells 1 & 2,with Kim Yoo Jung (Angry Mom) the idols here were merely side characters, I didn’t even know they were idols. Kim Yoo Jung stole the show.
    Ma Boy, maybe you should watch this one, just 3 episodes with teen queen Kim So Yeon
    the idol or should I say former idol Kim Sun Woong is good and really pretty.
    Ost Ma Boy by Sistah. Don’t miss this one.

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