Khottie of the Week: Kang Sora

Posted by KpopontheDL on July 24, 2016

Khottie of the Week


This week’s Khottie,  in honor of Misaeng/An Incomplete Life and the fact that she is a favorite at Kchat Jjigae, is the lovely Kang Sora.

The thing about Kang Sora is that she’s Everywoman – simultaneously The Girl Next Door, working woman, and sexy.




I love her lips.  Each and every photo I went through I thought, “Wow, her lips are fantastic.”


Except here, where I thought “Look at those legs!”  Also, “Great shoes!”st_1437795002_-1134403261_0

And because this wouldn’t be a Khottie post without them… Check out KS’s abs!  Body goals.


She’s also amazingly elegant.  She’s a very popular model, and there were a crazy number of pictures to choose from.



Obligatory cutesy shot.  Personally, unless the woman is in a breakdance/hiphop group and does actual dance moves on her knees, knee pads should be banned.  No woman has ever said “You know what would be so cute with this outfit and super comfortable?  Knee pads!”


I was introduced to Kang Sora via her drama, Warm and Cozy.  I loved it – It’s a light, charming, summer drama – and never understood people’s “meh” reaction to it.  Look how cute!


She was also in Dream High 2, like Ailee.  It’s just as cringeworthy.  I seriously couldn’t find a clip where I didn’t say “No, I can’t do that to her.”  But to be fair to Ailee, we have something a little different to giggle at.  Here she is in a Sprite commercial with Bobby from iKon.


To make up for it, here she is being perfect in a different CF.


Ok, thats it for this week.  Don’t be sad, Kang Sora!  We’ll be back!


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