Musical Monday: The Magnificent Duo Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 24, 2016


Currently my house houses 3 overheated lady persons, one cranky cat, and one projector. What to do? Watch Youtube music videos of course! As Jacqueline from Fangirl Musings who has been trying to manuver and manipulate me to watching Ailee videos is here, is actually occupying my couch space, I gave in and watched. My favorite? Hands down the duet of Ailee and Amber covering Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.

And they done fucked out.

Its no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Amber, however I also love the song Uptown Funk, so it’s pretty much a given that I was going to really enjoy this performance. Not to mention they look like they are having so much fun with each other and the song–and hearing them sing in English is such a trip.

I do have a serious question. What in all holy fudge was the costumer thinking? These have got to be the worst, ugliest, most unflatting outfits known to man. Who looked at those outfits and went–“Yeah, these outfits are okay, but, stay with me, I think it can be made better by hot glueing yards of fringe all over them.” It almost ruins the enjoyment of the performance as all you can pay attention waiting for the moment someone takes a fringe to the eye.

But the song itself? Love it!

Amber, Ailee, Uptown Funk

Also, so excited to see Amber in person this week!!

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