The Hunt For Kim Jong Kook: The KCon Fan Engagement

Posted by Stephanie on August 6, 2016


Turbo Kcon Kim Jong Kook LA 5278

When the McFeeleys found out that Kim Jong Kook was going to be at KCon, I was given one task. Search and destroy. Well, more search and photograph. They didn’t care how. They didn’t care dings to the dignity. They wanted verifiable proof that Spartakook was real. Now, I’ve never had much luck in the hunting down stars game, even at the times like these when I know for a fact we’re going to be in the same building, I knew this was going to be a challenge. But this was the mother flippin’ McFeeleys. They wanted a picture of Kim Jong Kook? They were going to get a picture of Kim Jong Kook.

Luckily, it was both easier and way harder than originally anticipated. 

So. Friday. Our team of 5 scratched off their scratchers. We were pretty successful, nothing super exciting (because BTS wasn’t doing a fan engagement) but in the scheme of things, not too bad. Here’s where bonus #1 happened. Within the scratchers, Mystical Being of Unicorns scored an audience for Kim Jong Kook’s band Turbo. This was a surprise as we didn’t realize they were going to be included in the bundle. TMBoU was interested in using the ticket herself, but a well placed pair of doe-eyes batted in her direction and the ticket was mine.

Sorry MBoU, but it’s the McFeeleys. This is my JOB.

Then when Cherry and TMBoU went off to get their tickets for the Flower Boy Cafe (Don’t Ask. Or actually, don’t ask me, ask them.) Nancy from Chunkeemonkeeato came over partner in toe. Their scratchers were EXACTLY the same, so they had multiples of everything. Eric Nam high touches, Turbo audiences, ect. For the cost of 2 girl group tickets that we didn’t want in the first place, they kindly gave us 2 Erics, and TWO of the Turbos. Yep. That’s right, we now had 3 people who could get in. (At the same time this was happening, Cherry swapped a Twice high touch for a Block B high touch and was adorably stoked.)

The next day is where the pretty shitty part of my story comes into play. You know me. I have been recovering from knee injuries which took me out for over a year now. I’ve been healing, but the commute for this new job has taken sad amount of that progress away. After a painful Friday, I realized I couldn’t do KCon without help. It was just too big for me. So after a sleepless night and many tears pointed at anyone who would listen, I broke down and got a wheelchair. Sigh. So much for being super cool. But enough pouting.

Rocking the sexy wheelchair again. I don't know, I think I make it work. #kcon16LA #mobilityissexy

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Part of what I was worried about were these audiences and the red carpets we’d scored. Last year I tried to attend but due to the sweet ass chair, I couldn’t get close, had several people trip over me, couldn’t see squat, and let me tell you, knowing Super Junior is in the same room as you and not being able to see them at all is a bad, bad place to be.

But this was for the McFeeleys. I didn’t care what I had to do, even if I had to go and give my camera to the tallest person near me, I was going to get a picture of Spartakook for them. It was going to happen. So I went and sat in line. I talked to one person next to me and complimented her bag. Then turns out she had an extra one and she gave it to me! I heart it.20160730_130945

I had an idea. What if the McFeeley’s were home? What if they had on FB messenger? What if I were able to get my phone up high enough to video chat with them? Could Ryan (to her irritation known as Baby McFeeley on the podcast) actually, kind of, see Kim Jong Kook in person? I called Jami to set it up, check the connection. We were on! They were psyched. Now if only I could find a spot.

As we were waiting, the weirdest thing happened. One of the Con worker bees came over and told me I needed to be in a different line. Uhoh. I expected it to be like the BigBang concert where they tried to keep me away from my p2 ticket because of the chair. But no, they actually took me to a special line. Cherry came from her Block B just in time to find me as apparently I needed a helper(?). They let us in and we went to a special wheelchair area.


I, in the chair, was going to be able to see! Cherry in all her shortness was going to be able to see! McFeeley’s in Vermont were going to be able to see! And then there they were. Turbo Kcon LA 16 5291

Or there he was. In person. Turbo Kcon LA 16 5290

King of the Running Man. Sparta Kook. GAH! It was so exciting. Kim Jong Kook is not as crazy buff in person. He doesn’t look like he’s about to hulk out of his shirts. He looks like he’s a nicely built guy who is super fit.

Turbo Kcon Kim Jong Kook LA 5281

Makes you wonder how the other band members feel about him and his popularity? And is apparent refusal to age. (That must irritate them the most.) The discussion focused mostly about him, his workouts, his gym time, and how much he loved LA. It was so exciting to see him!

Turbo Kcon LA 16 5291

Then there was the hi-touch. For those in the un-know, this is where people who scored a hi-touch on their scratch off and they get to go to the band and hi-five them. Everyone was so excited! Towards the end of the line, the people started to get more creative. One girl did a cheer dance in front of him until he danced too, several people hugged them (woah) and one guy tried hard to get Kim Jong Kook to arm wrestle him—which would have been awesome I think we can all agree.

Video chatted McFeeleys and Turbo! So much fun. #turbo #kimjoongkook #kcon16LA #longdistancefangirling

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Once the group was back in place, the most unbelievable thing happened. Kim Jong Kook actually came to the stage and hi-touched those of us in wheelchairs. My mind was blown. He didn’t have to do this, but the fact that he did? Shows just how much of a nice guy he is. I’m guessing with all of the injuries he’s suffered, he knows what it’s like. If you want to know what Kim Jong Kook’s hand feels like, I’ll have to say it’s moist, yet warm, and comforting. KCon apparently filmed it, and though I don’t remember this, it’s possible I may have double gripped his hand. See? This is why I can not be trusted in public.

I started the day in a really low place, but this experience? Being to share it with those I loved? Man, turns it out to be one of the best experiences EVER. I almost want to watch Running Man again!

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  • Reply humbledaisy1 August 6, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Love these real-life stories – perhaps next year, I can ditch my husband at a Korean spa and visit kcon on my own. Probably by then, you can call Ryan “Babe McFeely” instead of “Baby McFeely!”

  • Reply kfangurl August 8, 2016 at 12:13 am

    Aw! How amazingly cool, that the bum stuff turned around and became a channel for some very good, very cool stuff!! 😀 Love that you got to hi5 him, that’s so nice of him! And very brilliant, to have the video chat!! 🙂

    PS: I hope your knee gets better soon! Sorry to hear that the commuting is stressing your poor knee :/

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