Who Are You Wearing? The KCon Red Carpets

Posted by Stephanie on August 7, 2016


red carpet collage

With our golden ticket in hand, Cherry and I managed not just one but both of the KCon red carpets. We were well positioned, we were armed (cameras), we were excited. We were ready.

Both days were hosted by Danny from LA who, apparently the first day totally disregarded his cards, said what he wanted–as he is a badass. Day two? Yeah, seems like he was spoken to as advertisers were not pleased. But that is neither here nor there, let’s get to what we’re all really waiting for–stars! And lots of them!

Night One

Saturday we were treated to the very handsome Lee Min Ho, who was the special guest for the night.Lee Min Ho Kcon LA 165309-kcj

He is tall in person and just as pretty. You can tell that perhaps someone had a hand in his outfit.

Then it was Dean!Dean Kcon LA 16 5323-kcj

Now, I am going to pretend, for the sake of this post that I didn’t really know who Dean was, as then, I didn’t. This is pre-me being blown away by him at the concert.

How about a little Turbo, and by Turbo I mean Kim Jong Kook!

Turbo Kcon LA Kim Jong Kook 16 5479-kcj
As we’d seen them earlier in the day for the fan engagement, we’d heard some of their chatter, but still, being in the same room with them was quite the trip. I so enjoy hearing Jong Kook speaking English.

Then came out the girl group IOI, not Twice as I kept wanting to call them.IOI KCON 16 LA 5336-kcj

IOI were wearing fun and bright matching outfits, but more importantly, sneakers are comfy.

After them it was GFriend who looked…less comfortable.gfriend kconla16 10-kcj

Now, unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of GFriend. Their music is just not my cup of tea. The one thing I was struck by was this one girls total resting bitch face.gfriend kconla16 3-kcj

It kind of endeared me to her.

Now how about a little Amber? Woohoo Amber!Amber Kcon16LA redcapet 26-kcj

I was so excited to to see her in person as I am a huge fan! She was, predictably, adorable. She and Danny had a good banter going on–though it was broken up by the shouts of the crowd who kept trying to get her to respond to them.Amber Kcon16LA redcapet 25-kcj

Not kidding, I could just sit there and listen to her talk she is so much fun.Amber Kcon16LA redcapet 15-kcj

I was so excited for her upcoming performance.

Here is where we kept getting buzzed by other people in our party, “Where are you?” “You need to be here by such and such time.” Sorry ladies, no can do. We were not leaving before we saw this out through the end. Special note, at KCon make sure everyone holds onto their own concert ticket–it will save a lot of trouble on all parts.

Unfortunately, there was no Block B at the red carpet, but that just meant we got to the meat of it–SHINEE!!!Shinee kcon la 16 5645-kcj

Well hello there boys. I was looking forward to them and Key was in fine cranky form.Shinee kcon la 16 Choi minho key 5694-kcj

Apparently, my camera wanted to make out with MinHo and while I couldn’t blame it, I kept giving it lectures–“You know there are other members, right?” and it was all, “Yes, but look at that face.” Shinee kcon la 16 key choi minho jonghyun 5690-kcj

Day Two!

Now, we tried not to get ourselves too excited that BTS will be there as they didn’t do a fan meet because they were flying in after having a concert that night. We tried not to get all excited, but in our hearts of hearts, though we wanted to be supportive and wanted them to rest, really, we wanted them to be there.

First up on the carpet was Eric Nam!Eric Nam Kcon LA 6065-kcj

Now, watching Eric and Danny, it reminded me of how Eric Nam hosted the red carpet our first visit out. Eric Nam was so good at hosting with his charming self. It’s fun to see just how far he’s come.

Eric Nam says to expect hoola hooping at his set tonight. #kcon16LA #ericnam

A video posted by Stephanie (@kchatjjigae) on

Then it was Astro, who makes me think of Zombiemama, one of my co-panelists, who is a giant fangirl of the group.Astro Kcon LA 6082-kcj

Cherry says that they remind her of B1A4 with their cuteness. They are indeed very cutesy and the one in the overalls gave me a bit of a Mario Brothers feel. (Not kidding every time I saw him I had the Super Mario Brothers song in my head. I’m sorry Astro, I will forever resent you for that.)

Astro Kcon LA 6086-kcj

Now we have the real Twice and the whole time I kept thinking of their zombie mv and that they had nice shoes.Twice Kcon LA 16 6097-kcj

Sorry, as much as I try, I’m just not a girl group fan. (Sounds jerky, but flash forward to their performance later that night and they were actually a lot of fun. Ooh Ahh! Ooh Ahh!)

Next up we had Davichi, who I thought was another girl group, but turns out they are a duet.Davichi Kcon LA 6107-kcj

A duet with really, really pretty clothes. Seriously, if there was an award they would win best dressed, hands down. I was suddenly more interested in seeing what they had to…sing.

Next up, Danny said the next band that was coming name’s last letter was s and the second to last was t, the crowd freaked out–except for me. As I thought he was referring to Monsta X. (Yes, I realize now I am an idiot.) However, the freaking out of the crowd and Cherry Cordial behind me made me realize that BTS was actually there and were going to be hitting the red carpet.

BTS Kcon LA 16 6122-kcj

Queue my freak out.

I took some pictures of them being adorable.BTS Kcon LA 16 6126-kcj

Then Cherry told me she couldn’t get any because her hands were shaking with excitement so I took her phone, grabbed her some shots and took this video.

She was quite pleased. I heart every one of the members of this band and was so excited that they made it. They looked adorable in their tuxes.BTS Kcon LA 16 6125-kcj

I’m sorry Davichi, you just got knocked off the best dressed list.

Finally we had TiTaeSeo, (Monsta X did not come out) and they were nice.Titaeseo Kcon LA 6150-kcj
Turns out it was one of the members birthday and they were very excited to be there for the first time as a sub unit from Girls Generation.

Again, this was just buzzed through as it’s all a bit of a blur, a happy happy blur to me. Seeing all these people so close was such a great experience, it totally made up for last year where I was stuck in the back in that stupid wheelchair, not able to see anything. Now I get why people love these events so much, such a high!

Took lots of great photos, check out the gallery to see them all!


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