Musical Monday The Let’s Give Them Another Try Editon

Posted by Stephanie on August 8, 2016


Since their inception, I have been in a love/strong dislike over BAP. They are one of those bands that came out so strong with 2 releases which immediately caught my attention and shot them to the top of the must watch out for list. BAP! BAP! BAP! BANG YONG GUK! BANG YONG GUK!

Then their other songs happened. 

And as more releases came out, and they drifted away from their origins, I became less enamoured with them. Yes, I understand bands must change and grow, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the new direction. Then they had their issue with their management company which took them out of commission for a while, with doubts that they’d come back at all. Made me all nostalgic for them. Of course, apparently not enough to actually pay attention enough to realize they came out with new music last year, but that was my bad.

FF to yesterday, when I learned a new mv was released. Filled with a sense of nostalgic wahoo, I suggested we watch before podcasting. Cherry said that the song was good, but probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Cherry being Cherry, she was right.

The song is pretty good. According to Cherry, the song is actually more the musical style that the band originally wanted to be in, before being forced into the original packaging. If this is the case, all the power to them, go forth into the musical world my sons, and have at it. I’ll just stand back here and wave you on from a distance, wishing you the best while secretly hoping Bang Yong Guk returns to me. (Because a growl that good should not be wasted.)

BAP, That’s My Jam


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