Tomorrow With You—The Casting Roller Coaster

Posted by Stephanie on August 9, 2016

Casting News


Oh, the things that happen when you leave the scene for two weeks. Catching up on all of my kdrama news, I have so much to talk about. First things first though. Tomorrow With You. Remember this one? It was the comeback vehicle for Lee Min Ki after he returns triumphant after his military service? Yeah, well, emphasis on the ‘was’. Yep. He’s decided to take a pass on the drama—to which I say noooooo…. and then flop myself upon the floor to have a toddler coming off a sugar high inspired tantrum. What up Lee Min Ki? Why don’t you want to make your fans happy by starring in a freaking drama already?

Then, I did a little more research and really melted down. 

Turns out, there has been a quiet scandal going on in the land of Lee Min Ki. A scandal of the sexual assault sort. A scandal where the charges were dropped by the woman in question and he was then acquitted of. (For real, what is going on with our stars? I don’t usually as a rule cover this sort of stuff as we are so not the venue for that, but news like this has been happening a lot more as of late. Yoochun, that guy from Nine, and now Lee Min Ki? Sigh.) So, though he was acquitted, the news did just hit the airwaves so I completely understand why he and tvN had a parting of ways. (I hope you can snap back from this, sir.)

So we can all be sad for a minute for where this drama, that had me all excited, ended up.

Next I heard news that they were going forward with the drama but with Lee Joon. I’m all. Oh. Okay. Not a bad choice, he’s a solid actor. Maybe I won’t totally snub the show as I’ve been meaning to try and watch him in a drama. I liked him in that movie, Rough Cut (his acting, not the movie itself) but his drama choices make me go, meh.

But then. Then, I tell you, then. Then I realized that either the news I read was wrong, or I read the name wrong and learned it was not Lee Joon who is going to star in the show against Shin Min Ah, no, it is Lee Je Hoon. Lee Mother Flippin’ Loved You In Signal Lee Je Hoon. Woah. I didn’t think I could want to watch this show more than when Lee Min Ki was attached to it, but now that Lee Je Hoon is starring as the time traveling husband? I’m setting the date on my calendar, I’m setting up the projector, I’m simulcasting the crap out of this show.

Yeah. I’m a little bit excited.

Lee Je Hoon is such an excellent actor, with such range, I think he can totally pull off whatever direction they decide to go with it. He can do cute and funny (Just Friends) he can do dark and quirky (Phantom Detective) he can do serious suspense (Signal)—yep—he can do it all.

It just did dawn on me though that this will be his second drama in a row which has a plot featuring time travel. Although, I guess in his defense, in the last one it wasn’t actually him doing the time traveling. And. Actually, now that I really think of it, it wasn’t time travel at all, just the future speaking to the past, changing the future. So, I guess we’re good, no pigeon-holing happening here.

This show can’t come soon enough, which is good because, as it’s due to hit the airwaves in September, it will be here soon enough. Wow! What a great little present for me. Maybe I should go away more often…


  • Reply KpopontheDL August 10, 2016 at 7:05 am

    Really??! I know he’s been saying he wants to do something romantic or melo, so I hope he gets both in this one. I’m excited too! I just love watching him!

    • Reply Stephanie August 11, 2016 at 7:56 am

      I know, isn’t this great news? Although it looks like my intel was wrong and it’s not coming until next year. HRM.

  • Reply Chelle August 10, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I’m gonna have to disappoint you again…the drama will be pre-produced. So while it starts filming in September, it won’t air until Jan. 2017.

    But it’s coming! And it has great leads, so I’m very excited too!

    • Reply Stephanie August 11, 2016 at 7:55 am

      GAH! Why you gotta do me like that Chelle? Ahem. I mean Tomorrow With You? My day is RUINED. 😉 Guess good things come to those who wait? Grumble.

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