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Posted by Stephanie on August 10, 2016


mirror of the witch

I think it’s time, don’t you? A little birdie  (otherwise known as Dramabeans) reminded me that not only was Mirror of the Witch  thing, but it just emerged from its 20 episode run. Which leaves me the question:

Was it worth it?

Or I should more say, for those of you who watched  (or stuck with) the show, was it worth it? Is it worth going back to? Give me the skinny people.

I believe I made it to episode 4 before tossing it aside, again, it’s not that the show was bad, it’s just the casting squidgies that got me. But part of me (the Yoon Shi Yoon loving part) which wonders if I made the right decision. That maybe, while I couldn’t bring myself to do a drama chat about it, the show is worth a binge watch. During my commuters dilemma post, when I talked about the embarrassment of watching some questionable things during my new commute, several of you suggested trying a saeguk. Could this be the one? Is it worth a try? Did it get super romantic?  Was it gross?

Of course, this possible turn around, it could just be that I am a weak, weak Yoon Shi Yoon fan as I’m also the one who is considering watching 1N2D despite my extreme dislike for Cha Tae Hyun. 1n2d yoon shi yoon

Look at what you have reduced me to Yoon Shi Yoon! You had better take responsibility for this!


  • Reply Spiceangel August 17, 2016 at 7:00 am

    So I did not finish MotW yet, so I can’t really comment.

    I can however comment on 1n2d. I have not missed an episode since YSY joined. It’s the new Spiceangel household Sunday variety show.

    Also….Roy Kim is on the new episodes of Bromance

  • Reply Rouny August 26, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Finished MotW yesterday so thought I’d share my feedback. The romance never really went in any direction that would trigger your ick reflex. Here’s a review I wrote about the drama, just skip the synopsis bit:

    A dark and mesmerizing fairy tale about love and sacrifice,
    revenge and magic. It͛s the story of a cursed princess who͛s lived her
    whole life in a haunted forest, isolated from the world. Her curse
    however, is a curse upon the whole land, which descends into plague and strife in consequence. The only way for her to lift the curse is to transfer it back to the witch that cast it and destroy the witch, but she only has a limited time to do this before she succumbs to the curse and dies. Worse, said witch makes Maleficent look like a cute little puppy, she͛s evil but she͛s also a master manipulator and when you combine black magic with brains, you get a truly formidable and effective villain. But that͛s only half the story; it͛s also the story of Heo Jun, a character straight from the history books—the father of Eastern Medicine. In this alternate reality however, the young Heo Jun is just a cheeky con artist, living as the despised illegitimate son of a wealthy house, who desperately wants to find a purpose for his life, especially when everyone around him tells him to just submit to his low place in the social order and not to strive for anything better. His life changes dramatically when he meets the princess and their love story as it unfolds is beautiful and quietly stirring, especially since the only way he can save her is by sacrificing himself for her. This drama, on a production scale, did everything right; the ominous humming and dream-like scenery combined to make an immersive experience that really channeled the haunted and grim fairy-tale tone of the narrative. The characters were fascinating, each driven by complicated emotions and struggling with their own demons, literally and figuratively, and the actors portraying them owned their roles with masterful performances, especially everyone͛s favorite panda head (reference Flower Boy Next Door), Yoon Shi-Yoon. There are three flaws that detract from this drama͛s awesomeness: there are some plot holes and logic fails and deus ex machinas that were left unexplained, though they niggled at the narrative͛s heels (like how did her monk buddy survive death, and what͛s up with the whole Elsa-frozen-lake thing, to name just two); the narrative dragged somewhat in the middle, especially when the focus kept coming back to the witch and her machinations; which brings me to my main grudge with the narrative—why oh why couldn͛t we have more Heo Jun and his princess moments (*pouts and stamps her feet like a two-year-old*); in a drama that͛s so tonally dark their chemistry was gold and their moments together shone, alleviating the overall glumness (and since their love was more of the pure variety than the steamy kind, the age gap between the actors was a non-issue). More making potions, granting wishes, and lighting candles would have given the plot a much needed face lift … but, oh well, that didn͛t happen. Still, flaws aside, this is the fantasy romance sageuk to beat for sheer quality, and it will take your emotions through the wringer and leave you smiling through your tears at the end, as all the best fairy tales do.

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