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Posted by Stephanie on August 11, 2016

Casting News

drinking alone

Here’s another interesting casting for you! Have you guys heard of the upcoming tvN show, Drinking Solo?  (Probably as it’s me playing catch up here after my time away, while you guys have, no doubt, been diligently studying up like the good kdrama fans that you are.) Anyway. Looking at the main poster, I wasn’t very excited.
Yes, it is being done by the same people who did Let’s Eat, and I did actually really like Let’s Eat. I often say, let’s forget Let’s Eat 2 actually happened, as I am one of those who to prefer to believe my couple go off in the sunset to stay together forever once my story ends, not have our hero off and romance some new bit on the side as soon as our heroine turns her fictitious back, but as so many you out there actually prefer the second season it is actually making me sit back and go…maybe.

Which for me we can all agree is a big step.

So now the makers are trying to recapture the success of the first by going again with alcohol instead of food. A bunch of single/lonely people drinking alone. Hrm, I said. Hrm. Wasn’t part of the lure of Let’s Eat the shot upon shot of food porn? Seriously,  you could not watch this thing without lusting for whatever they were nom nom noming on in each scene. It became something to talk about. Will people get the same feeling from booze? I would say no, but then again, I don’t like to drink.

Yeah. I’m right. No tingles.

Maybe if that was a diet soda.

What, no snacks?

So, when news on this came out, I rolled my eyes a bit, wished them well, and moved on.

Who could have expected what came next? Certainly not me. What happened, you ask? Key from Shinee was signed onto the drama. Key, who is a quirky ball of whatnot that I hold as dear as I hold Heechul.

drinking key

So, Key in his first drama? Playing a guy trying to pass the civil service exam (for years?) Yep, I’m in. (Maybe this explains his derpy haircut at Kcon…

Shinee kcon la 16 Choi minho key 5694-kcj

) I’m in!

See? Even the drinking is cute.

It may not be the simulcasting sort of I’m in, but I will definitely watch–as Key the special Unicorn deserves nothing less.You know, until the show starts to suck balls then I’m back out again, as Key deserves nothing less then to have my love for him remain pure.

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