Musical Monday: Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Posted by Stephanie on August 16, 2016



Black Pink, YG’s newest group, this time a girl group, released their first couple of songs last week. While I’m not a girl group fan, I’m generally a staunch YG fan (with perhaps the disappointing exception of iKON) so it was time to check them out.

How’d they do? Hmm… a mixed bag.

The first song I tried was Boombayah and, to be honest, the video irritated me. What up with girl groups and the new leaning towards having their dances filled with various  members stroking other members? I know you’re trying for a certain audience, but it’s so over the top as to take you out of the music. And aren’t YG bands usually so strong they don’t have to pander like that? Aren’t they where the cool kids hang out?

If I look away from the screen and just let myself here the song itself, it was pretty good. You can tell they are really trying to push Black Pink into the space left vacant by the troubled 2NE1. I might even go out on a limb and give their CD a buy.

The second song had less stroking, less awkward English, and a different sound. It was quite good. While, Black Pink is not an automatic win for me, I did make it through 2 songs without flipping it off in boredom and irritation. and that doesn’t happen with a lot of bands so they will definitely remain on my watch out for list.


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