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Fun Friday
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We’d love to introduce the newest member of our gang, Two Bengals! We were delighted to find her comments in OKC, doing these fun, story behind the picture stories and said—you are delightful—come over and do that for us!

Have you ever been absolutely certain there is more to the story of those photos you love?

Well, of course there is! And we are here to answer your plea to Tell Me More.

(Note: these photos and captions are posted all in good fun – don’t be silly enough to get offended! Credit to original photographers.)

junsu at the well

Kim Jun Su dreamed of a day when he might make just a little money, and be able to help his small village.  A day when he and the other men of his impoverished town might no longer need to travel to the central well bearing rustic jugs to fetch water for their modest homes.


Fans surged into the seats, filling the stadium for the rugby match. Key began to wonder if he was overdressed, and he also wondered why no one sat next to him.

jung il woo

Binky and Poppy accompanied Jung Il Woo everywhere. Everyone knew that. It was heartbreaking to watch him implore his mother to allow his best friends to accompany him yet again on a matchmaking date.


T.O.P later had to go to the police station and file sexual assault charges after an enthusiastic female, allegedly mistaking him for a streetcar, jumped aboard.

Joongki and BogumNow see here, kid, let me tell you how to get ahead in this business. Avoid hosting television shows, and never EVER take a role as a baduk player.

ji chang wook

The realities of his buttoned-down corporate life began to drift through Ji Chang Wook’s clouded mind long before he was awake enough to comprehend the horror of his surroundings. All he could think was, “Oh god, what have I done?”

Stay tuned for more PhotoNonSense…

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