Musical Monday: The Sexy New Sounds Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 22, 2016


This Musical Monday is a complete new find for me– one I had no help with at all…kind of. Recording this week’s podcast, we had a special guest, KpopontheDL! Trying to find a song of the day, she suggested a song from Luizy and Hyun Suk from  I said who? They were all the guy from Junsu’s Tarantallegra. Remember?  You like him Stephanie. I didn’t remember. But like any good Junsu fan, I faked it. Sure. Let’s go with that one.

This however, this is not that song. This song is the song that was suggested to me on the sidebar of the video and I decided to give it a chance while the ladies were off preparing themselves. Best. Decision. Ever.

This song had me right from the start. It’s slick, it has a great beat, and the whole thing is crazy sexy.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good beat.

Since the only way I know these collaborators is through that one Junsu video, the video we did eventually get to last night and this one, with each of the songs being wildly different, I do wonder about them. And are they just rappers who wonder around looking for collaborators? Do they do solo stuff? This requires research –research of the best kind. Although, I would like to gently suggest to them that this pairing not be a one off. Please, please, pretty please?

Luizy, Flowsik, Recipe

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