Magnificent Seven? 1 x 7 Times The Fun!

Posted by Stephanie on August 24, 2016

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magnificent 7

You wonder why I’m talking about an American movie on this very Korean themed site? Waeo, you ask? Well, sometimes you need to branch out I say. Branch out, broaden your horizons, not allow yourself to get stale. Come on you know this Kdrama thing is just a phase, right?

Ahem. I may have gone a bit overboard. 

I will not lie though — I’m excited about this movie. I’ve been excited about this movie since watching Train to Busan (review will be coming soon) and the trailer was attached. Now let’s get into the original reason why I was excited for this movie, as this post is really about some very important information I didn’t see in the original trailer. Here’s the thing. I’m a HUGE Vincent D’onofrio fan. Huge. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent as it would just be embarrassing. I couldn’t tell you how disappointed I was when Netflix removed Law and Order: Criminal Intent from their library. Y U Hate Me Netflix?

So when I saw Vincent D’onofrio was going to make a rare appearance onscreen, I was all—sign me up! You know, when it came out on video as movie theater tickets here in NY are expensive AF. If I am going to shill out mucho dinero, not to mention hauling my butt to a theater, it’s going to be for a Korean movie. Two birds? One stone. Better luck net time D’onofrio. Lee-Byung-Hun1

Hold your horses. (Get it? Western? Horses?) Turns out, this movie does have a Korean connection. A Korean connection in the for of Lee Byung Hun. What I didn’t see in the trailer is that Lee Byung Hun kdrama/kmovie star turned Hollywood star is going to be one of the seven! Here’s the thing, though, when I didn’t see remember seeing him in the trailer, I figured he was a minute character, or, more predictably, a villain. Considering all the US parts I’ve seen him in he’s been a smaller character, this wasn’t a huge jump to conclusions for me.

Lee-Byung-Hun mf

But to be one of the Seven? One of the good guys? A movie with current hot stuff Chris Pratt? Lots of people will see this movie! Boo-yeah! Not to mention the fact the last movie I saw him in, Red 2, he went full on nakers? Yeah, maybe Lee Byung Hun is on the rise.

Which means I will rise my butt off of this couch, and get in line to see this movie! How about you?

Ahem. I’d like to think if I saw this trailer I would have realized my oversight without someone having to have pointed it out to me…

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