Favorite Things: The How Did I Not See This Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 26, 2016

Fun Friday


It’s been a long week guys, a long week proceeded by a long two months. But I have some good news! As of today, I finished working out the longest notice in all the land, and am back down to one job. Two if you count Kchat. Yep. I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of posts lately or at least a lack of the usual wit and vinegar. After working all that time on top of a 3 hour transit time? I haven’t had much energy left over for Kdrama, or Kpop, or blogging…or showering.

But now it’s over! It’s over and now hopefully life here can get back to sqeeeeing as usual here at Kchat. For those of you who haven’t bailed on me? I appreciate you. You are lovely and I love you. Mwah. Mwah. Mwah.

With that said, I think we’re due some good times, times in the form of my new favorite thing! This week we’re moving away from our cover artists but are staying in the world of Kpop. Last weekend I was doing my part to celebrate the birth of BigBang by watching BigBang and BigBang Member videos while pedaling my life away at the gym. Would you believe it, I actually came across a video I hadn’t seen before??

Seriously, as a giant T.O.P fan, shouldn’t this have been worth a glance out? If you happen to bump into him, it’s probably best if you don’t mention this to him. I’d hate to spoil any chance we may possibly have in the future with some sort of silly misunderstanding.

To be honest, the song itself is not my cup of corn tea (the best tea). Which might be a clue as to why I never gave the video a try. I’m one of those asshole people who if I don’t like the music right away, I will turn it off. (Let’s keep this to ourselves too.) However, I was at the gym which made me a captive audience. And it was their birthday, it would have just been rude to skip a song. top&gd

For me, it’s the  video which makes it one of my new favorite things. Or one of my new old favorites. The video is just adorable and the thought of T.O.P having to give GD advice on how to get a girl? Hilarious. I love seeing these versions of our guys as in the last few albums they certainly seem to have moved past…whimsy.

Happy Birthday BigBang. You were my first Kpop loves.

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