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Posted by Two Bengals on August 26, 2016

Fun Friday

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Have you ever been absolutely certain there is more to the story of those photos you love? Well, of course there is! And we are here to answer your plea to Tell Me More.

ICYMI, the previous post featured Junsu, Key, Jung Il Woo, TOP, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum, and Ji Chang Wook.Under scrutiny today are Jay Park, Park Ki Wong, Lee Min Ho, Baron Chen, and again Junsu. All that, and a Bonus TOP.


(Note: these photos and captions are posted all in good fun – don’t be silly enough to get offended! Credit to original photographers.)


Next to the painting was a small brass plaque with the title.

‘Jay Park. Invitation to a Vampire’


Gaksital devotees at the drama awards ceremony were surprised to see Park Ki-Woong express tearful gratitude to Captain Kirk for help in preparation for the role.


Amsterdam, a city welcoming marijuana cafes as well as prostitutes displayed for rent in sidewalk windows, does not tolerate poor wardrobe choices. Lee Min Ho, literally kicked to the curb by the City Elders and commanded to leave immediately, waited, hoping that finally one of the taxis would stop for him.


Baron O’Chen always loved to come home to the ancestral estate and Castle Taewahn, but already his younger brother was getting on his nerves. Only this morning, Baron got up and walked down the hall to his fourth-floor bathroom to find when he opened the door that Finn had positioned pots of paint in readiness to fall.  “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” screamed Finn, leaping and cavorting in glee.


He had enjoyed a quiet Jeju weekend at Xanadu Resort, but Junsu awakened on his scarlet satin sheets and realized something was wrong. “Oh crap,” he moaned to himself. “And I can never find a plumber on Sundays.”



He had been seeing the lights in the sky for several weeks now, but this time, T.O.P knew for certain, they were coming just for him.




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