Khottie of the Week: BTOB’s Lim Hyunsik

Posted by KpopontheDL on August 27, 2016

Khottie of the Week


First,  I hope you all checked out this past week’s podcast!  I got to fangirl out with Stephanie and Cherry live!  I hope it was fun and that I didn’t say anything too embarrassing.  This week’s Khottie is a bit of an apology to BTOB fans out there because I think I might have sounded less than enthusiastic about the group during the podcast.  You will be pleased to know that in the process of doing the research for this post, I may have become converted.  

I had a little help.  A good friend of mine (Hi Emma!) is a big BTOB fan and she convinced me to check them out in variety.  She was right, they are super charming, and I spent way more time down that rabbit hole than I expected.  During the process, my fangirl heart gravitated to Hyunsik.  


Can you blame me?


Hyunsik is a dancer and the lead vocalist in the group.  And since I always like to see my Khotties do what they do best, I dug around looking for some of his solo stuff.  And I found gold!  His version of Moondance gives me the shivers.


He also plays the piano, guitar, bass, and composes.  And because he’s so sexy when he plays and sings, you get two videos!  (I’m in the quicksand, and sinking fast.)


Something else that caught me?  One of my favorite things ever is the thumb-to-lower-lip move that a lot of idols do.  Hyunsik is a Master – even getting a little creative with it.

“The Traditional.”

The “Pardon Me.”cafe030713-btob-behind-story-happy-birthday-hyunsik-e299a1-13

“The Flytrap.”a2a78b6dbf5cfbe9711c0f663668e45b

Really stepping outside of the box with “The Flirt.”acda1246bb18437580d19d4008ebf8b2

And “The Tea Party.”

A lot of people think he’s one of the idols with the best eye smile, and I completely agree.4a63885df1be6042d8f24e59c9182f96

You know those “Try Not Fangirl” videos?  This is not actually one of those, and I didn’t even to make it to the 3 second mark before I was doomed.


I love that he’s both this serious, artsy guy…0B9eaTn7WGkZeb2hnLW1JUlpPQVk

And this puppy…fc195e8dfb45fdca79c95863cf7a23e1

And this stud muffin…tumblr_nf8roa1KbN1qhwguzo2_500

So, yeah…  I think you can safely say I’ve seen the light.  Have a great weekend you guys!  See you next week!


P.S.  My favorite BTOB video?  The Jammie one.  Go check it out.


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