Musical Monday: The Damn You SM, Damn You Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 29, 2016



Guys. It’s like a weird bizarre-o world out there! Not kidding, I have been recommended some great music lately. I know that seems weird that it’s weird that I’d like something someone recommended to me, but I’m so temperamental in my tastes, the slightest thing setting me over the edge, that the chances of someone recommending something to me that I’ll actually love is about as likely as you winning that giant fluorescent panda bear at the carnival.

This week’s Musical Monday was actually a suggestion to me by Cherry Cordial who dared, who DARED suggest we watch an SM video for our get pumped pre-podcast recording watching. I’m all, “SM, don’t we hate them?” she’s all “Yes, but listen anyway. You can’t blame the band for SM’s actions.” I’m all “But isn’t that why I dislike EXO?” She’s all, “Yes, and you should stop that.”

Well played, Cordial, well played.

Anyway, I was ready to dislike the band but turns out? This song is sexy AF. (Do we say AF anymore? No? Blast! Oh, we don’t say blast anymore either? Hrm…) Now, Cherry Cordial and I are generally, as a steadfast rule, not R&B fans. I don’t like it in English music, I don’t like it in Korean music. But this song? Woah. That beat. And matched with the strong rap? This is such a good song. Kpop does love to mix genres within individual songs — with varying degrees of success (and when I say varying, I mean not a lot) but this song just works! The sounds of both parts of the song blend together and does not sound like your listening to two different songs mashed up into one confused mess.

Turns out the band is a sub-group of another band. Will I listen to that band? …..Let’s be honest here, probably not. Will I listen to the other sub-group that looks like it went the complete opposite of…whatever this sexy beast of a smooth jam this song is and intead went in an aegyeo drenched bubble-pop bender direction? Nope, NCT U, this is my home now. This is where I found them and this is where I’ll stay.

Good thing I’ve learned to keep an open mind, huh?

I don’t care. I love, love, love this song, and if this is the sort of music this sub group is going to pump out, I love this sub group, and I can’t wait to hear what else they are going to be bringing along with them.

NCT U, The 7th Sense

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