Kdrama Loves To Make Me Cry

Posted by Stephanie on August 30, 2016



fantastic featureI promised I would never do this again to myself. I PROMISED. I am not sure why I am such 1) a glutton for punishment or 2) someone who continually refuses to learn from her mistakes. Like Ever.

So what makes me go all “Sure, sure I want to cry my effing eyeballs out, sounds like fun!” — that would be upcoming drama, Fantastic. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it does come from smaller network JTBC, so that’s understandable, so let’s fill you in. Heroine finds out she’s dying and spends 16-20 hours saying goodbye to her loved ones. Yep. Sign me up!

Here’s the thing though. I may all joke and mock now, but for some reason, I keep falling for these dramas/movies. Why? It says there right in the description it’s a drama who’s sole intention is to make you cry. And I’m a drama crier. So again, why do I fall for these things? Why do I not look at that synopsis and go, “I value my sense of well being, so I think I’ll take a pass, thanks for the offer JTBC, maybe next time.” This is what the smart(er) person would do. Me though? I NEVER believe them. There is always that optimistic part of me that says, “Maybe this time! Maybe this time they will surprise us and (Insert obviously doomed person’s name) will make it!”

I feel for it with Scent of a Woman. (Hey, it sounds just like that Queen Latifa movie and Queen Latifa lived due to some sort of wacky mixup that seems like it’s right up Kdrama’s hijinx riddled alley.)

Sad Movie. (Okay, this one is on me. My Bad. They said it right in the effing title. How clearer could they have made it unless they’d lit it in stage lighting that THIS HAS A SAD ENDING– MANY SAD ENDINGS — STAY AWAY! I figured there were like eight stories going on, what were the chances that all of them ended badly? You know what was a bad bet? That one. Every single one of them ended on a death-y note.)

So when I saw the write up for Fantastic, I said “Fooled me once shame on you, fool me twice, three, four times? Well, this is just is just getting ridiculous and I refuse to cave.” But everyone looks so happy. The story of a group of friends reconnecting due to the immanent demise of one of their members? Joo Sang Wook playing her goofy and cheerfully terrible actor boyfriend? Gah. I think I’m sinking again guys. Someone please save me!

Or at least pass me the box of tissues.

There are teasers here if you care to join me…





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