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Posted by Two Bengals on September 2, 2016

Fun Friday

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Have you ever been absolutely certain there is more to the story of those photos you love? Well, of course there is! And we are here to answer your plea to Tell Me More.

This week we learn what Song Joong Ki’s mother really thinks of him, we find Junsu waiting alone in his new house, and G-Dragon is undergoing a strange transformation. And More! Plus, of course, the Bonus T.O.P. photo.

JoongKi crop

(Note: these photos and captions are posted all in good fun – don’t be silly enough to get offended! Credit to original photographers.)


Song Joong Ki’s mother walked into the living room.  “Get your feet off the sofa!” she scolded, slapping his foot while balancing the tray of milk and cookies she carried. “Just because you’re home on leave doesn’t mean you have to act like a 12 year-old. I already told you to go outside and mow the grass!”

JoongKi popped the bubble he was blowing and whined, “EomMA!”

“Hmph,” she muttered as she left the room. “Hmph. Worthless kid. Big Boss, indeed.”

GD Oscar Wilde

G-Dragon, already known for his wit and flamboyant fashion style, began to seek more literary companions. He laughing told acquaintances how much he identified with the quote, “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word I am saying.” T.O.P., concerned for his well-being, warned Jiyong he was already beginning to resemble, in many ways, Oscar Wilde.

YeoJinGoo face

Following his stroke Yeo Jin Goo was able to differentiate himself in a crowded market by utilizing his newly eccentric facial features and thus resume his commercial career.


Junsu remained curled on the barren floor, waiting. Eager, yet patient.

T.O.P. had promised to bring chairs for Junsu’s new house and Junsu vowed to wait, however long it took, devoid of even a stick of furniture, until T.O.P. and the chairs arrived.



“God, I hate these high school yearbook assignments,” the photographer grumbled. “Black hair, black bow tie, black jacket, same pose. They all look the same.” He opened the door to the studio waiting room. “Next!” he called.

Later, the caption by the portrait read: Class clown, Best Eyebrows, Voted Most Likely to Become a Collector of Weird Stuff.


See you next time!

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