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Posted by Stephanie on September 3, 2016


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Great day in the morning. Except it’s at night. Great night everybody! My KCon panel buddy, Young Ajummah has started her own Youtube channel! I have to say, I’ve been on panels with YA for every KCon I’ve been to, and she is definitely one of my favorite K-people. YA and Stephanie, we make a good team!

And you know how I know that? She’s put out videos of some of our panels from this year! 

First off, she’s got our most popular panel, The Secret Lives of Kpop Fans Over 30 (can I also say, I love YA as she is not only a funny lady, but I don’t feel like I’m a million years older than she is. Let me just tell you, that really endears you to a person.) In this video, you can see all my other favorite (and now familiar as this is our third time back) ladies of a certain age as we talk about what it’s like to be fans of a certain age in love with a genre which skews to a much younger age. (No, I’m not bitter at all…)

Part I

Part II

Then she has an edited snippet of the panel we did in New York where we’re chatting about just what goes into making a podcast! (Hint: A lot of effing work.)

Now, I’m so excited for Young Ajummah and her new channel.I can’t wait to see more of her series: Who’s That Guy?

Good luck Young Ajummah! And I’ll see you next year, right???

No. Seriously. Right?

Photo by Marcelle Stephensen-Barton

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