Musical Monday: The Happy Birthday Rap Mon Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 12, 2016



Awwww…Rap Mon, it’s your birthday. Or yesterday was your birthday. Or sometime between yesterday and today is your birthday. Time Zones. Who Knows? As my love of BTS is still on high alert, and technically my bias is still Rap Mon (although, really I love all of them almost equally) it didn’t seem right to let the day pass with no fanfare. What kind of fan would I be without giving him some love? I’d be a fan who wouldn’t be able to properly look him in the eye from the shame of it were I to actually meet him…

Since we can’t let that happen, here we go! 

Actually, I was instantly smitten with his first song from his mix tape, Do You. I was so involved in it that it wasn’t until months if not a whole year later that I even realized there was another music video put out for the thing. There I was, pedaling along at the gym when this video comes up. Hey….wait…is that? Nooo~ How’d I miss that??? Was pretty much my reaction.

This is not to say I haven’t heard the song before. Besides this obviously slight of the eye, I actually own the whole Mix tape. I’ve listened to it a few times. This song? Is actually my second favorite. (I have to admit it’s the Bibbity-bobbity part that does it for me.) So when I found out there was a freaking cool video that went along with it? I was sold.

The video is cool, maybe not Do You cool, but very cool. Rap Monster is striking (as always) and the song is catchy and slick. I really can’t wait for the time for him to put out more music, solo or as a team. I just hope he doesn’t do us like Tablo where he only comes out with the one solo CD once and then gets folded back into the wings of the band, never to be heard from again. Although it’s BTS, I’m not complaining.

So Happy Birthday Rap Mon! I look forward to the day when your birthday finally gets you of an age to be a legit Khottie of the week.

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