Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Part 7&8

Posted by Stephanie on September 14, 2016



Episodes 7&8! Not quite half-way through but we had enough forward motion to the plot and relationship that it seems like it could be even further in. Which, as a veteran drama watcher, makes one nervous! So, before we started these episodes Leila was saying how she wasn’t as hooked on this show as she was Scarlet Heart. Did this set of episodes do anything to change your mind?

Leila:  It’s possible that my entire reason for preferring Scarlet Heart is Joon-Gi’s dark, tragic hero, which is so my wheelhouse.  Though, Bodyguard with Bedroom Eyes was doing it for me till I looked him up and found out he was 19!  Sheesh. And a shirtless, muscled, scene too!  Are they allowed to do that?

But to answer your question…  Yes, I was very happy with the plot and character development over these two episodes.  Though I am sad for Jinyoung to be so firmly in the backseat now. And, like you, I am nervous about where we are in relation to the number of episodes we have left.  I keep expecting her to get whisked away and she becomes the rebel leader and comes back to lay siege to the palace and the Prices heart!  Why are you looking at me like that?  Too much? moonlight-14

Stephanie: I do worry that we have come so far in the relationship so fast and that there is going to need to be a forced separation, or a time jump or something in order to, not fill episodes, but to keep the plot going forward. This is what always happens when a couple gets together too early! GAH. So much to talk about in these episodes I’m not even sure where to go first. Let’s start out with the obvious! Smooch, smooch, bang bang! The Prince finally knows Dude Looks Like a Lady is, in fact, a lady. Yay! I love the twist on this trope, where he actually knows her secret before she knows he knows her secret. And, since our Prince is a troll he, of course, pushes forward their relationship while still messing with her head.moonlight-11

Leila:  Ha!  I love you called him a troll!  But that might be my favorite thing about his character and acting in these episodes – all those sassy looks!  They really faked us out with the first pass on the kiss scene – but we were both a little “Something’s not right…”  because we were pretty sure they wouldn’t let the Prince actually be fake-gay.  In fact, at one point you suggested maybe a dream sequence?  And then I was a little put-out when we found out the Prince knew she was a girl before he kissed her.  Thankfully they saved me from being annoyed at his shallowness by showing he was going to confess with that letter before he saw she was a girl so…

He was terribly inappropriate with her (as a eunuch) a whole bunch of times. I don’t know how he didn’t expect some kind of blow-back.moonlight-13

Stephanie: Man, when he saw her, the look on his face? You could see the emotions changing and when he finally grinned? My heart melted. Yep. My heart now belongs to Park Bo Gum. Usually, I have an issue with the gender bending dramas as, to some point, I really think it’s cruel. When they get so far in their relationship where it’s messing with the other person? It’s not right. So, I expected it to happen this episode. Then when it was he who was the one who knew and didn’t tell her? It was interesting to have the feelings swapped. (Although I guess he did owe her for all the hardships he has gone through and will go through on her behalf.) He is still learning to become human. He doesn’t realize the feelings of those around him or the cost of his trolling. I think she started to teach him that this episode. Or set of episodes.

Leila:  The Mean Eunuch/Puppet show storyline! It was the perfect mix of funny and touching.  Let me say I loved this turn around in relationship with the Eunuch guy who almost got her raped (Though it doesn’t make much sense.  She’s a better person than me, for sure.)  I liked that the helped each other out and that the Mean Eunuch’s relationship was a small mirror of what she and the Prince’s might be.  And I am so glad we revisited the plot point that she’s an expert in love and relationships. I was wondering where that had gone.  moonlight-10

Stephanie: Not going to lie, I full-on got teary at the puppet show. Yep. This show actually made me cry. Full on Win! It was an obvious ploy to parallel our story–which I think was kind of the theme for the entire set of episodes– the show, with these two parts, has officially set it up for them not to be together in the end. How many times did we get, it’s not if people end up together, it’s how happy they were during their time together. Which again, I can totally see coming, because I don’t know, especially if she is this rebel guys daughter, how there is any way she can end up with the prince. It just can’t happen. Could this be why they are setting up, not only Jinyoung as a nice viable option but also the other girl? We expect her to be terrible (because that’s what Kdrama tells us to believe) but she’s not. And the Prince, while he doesn’t like her, is charmed by her.

Leila:  Jinyoung and the Other Girl. Yeah, I don’t hate her.  She’s kind of cute in a spoiled way, and charming in a pushy way.  A good match for Jinyoung.  But I’m preeeeeeeeettttyy sad about Jinyoung’s character development.  First, he indicates he wants to rescue Ra On by setting her up as his mistress? At least that’s what I got out of his sketched out plan.  And while it doesn’t feel like he’s given up, the plot/writers have given up on him.  I don’t think we’re going to get any more dashing “threatening guys with guns” scenes.

While I was washing my hair this morning, I was thinking about the episodes and the fact that Ra On is the rebel leader’s daughter.  I had this “Uh oh” thought.  The way the bodyguard looked at the end?  And we’re expecting some kind of schism or conflict to pull them apart?  What if they think she was planted there on purpose?  Though they seem to actually want to find her, and maybe I’m just, you know, traumatized by past Kdramas.moonlight-8

Stephanie: I was ticked at Jinyoung too until he turned down the other girl. I think he plans to try and do right by her. Because he’s our solid B-lead. How crazy is it where they are like, you know what, we should find that girl! And then they find her in like two seconds flat? GAH! So freaking irritating. Good thing to know she’s been so effing easy to find all this time. What are they going to do with her now? Who knows. I guess it depends on what side the bodyguard really is on. I thought he was a double agent for Prince, but now apparently he had un-princely dealings? I swear I am paying attention to this thing but some of the leaps they make are hard to follow. At least the Prince seems to be looking for the girl, but not in a King freaking out so he can probably murder her before the rebellion uses her as a prop sort of way.

Leila:  Yeah,  the part where they ask like TWO people and find her?  That made me roll my eyes.  

I loved the part where the Prince picks up the mask and figures out his buddy, the bodyguard, is up to something, but tells him he trusts him.  That made me sniffle.  I have hopes that the bodyguard chooses the Prince, who’s really a pretty savvy guy (and great swordsman!)  I actually enjoyed the court intrigue scenes in these episodes. When the Prince shows up to Court and everyone has called in sick and he calls their bluff? Awesome.  

Stephanie: I was waiting for him to do something, as they are right, whoever wins this first skirmish has a leg up in the war. Who won? I don’t know, I think it’s a draw at this point.

Leila:  It was lots of little intrigues this time.  The Minister of Doom telling Jinyoung he’s marrying him off to put him in a position of power.  The Queen and Jinyoung’s little showdown where he basically tells her he’s hip to her groove.  What am I missing?  I feel like I’m forgetting something…  Oh!  The plotline about how if the Prince likes men it’ll make it hard for him to be Regent and King.  I thought that would play out longer than it did. Though I guess everyone still thinks Ra On is a man…moonlight-12

Stephanie: Oh yeah, just because he knows that she’s a girl, doesn’t mean that they can tell anyone else, which makes it harder for both of them. I did like the interaction between him and the Queen. This is another one without a winner.  Yes, she’s more aware that there was something more between him and the eunuch, but she’s tipping her hand as to what side she’s on–what sort of person she is. Let’s just hope the King is with it enough to start to see (Although I’m guessing no.) So, do we think that she will be smart enough to realize exactly what he’s saying at the end of the episode? That he’s actually telling her he knows she’s a girl?moonlight-7

Leila:  The King is a poorly thought out character.  Sometimes he’s reasonable, and sometimes he not. Sometimes he trusts his Ministers, and sometimes it’s clear he trusts no one.  I wish I could ignore him, or fix that part.

Awww. The romantic bracelet scene!  I wonder if the Prince will tell her what it means?  It did flash through my head that Ra On might pull another disbelief scene, but since that’s been done, I hope not.  I’m super curious!  Which I guess is why they left us on that cliffhanger.

Stephanie: They are doing a pretty good job with those cliffhangers. And on that…



  • Reply Amie September 15, 2016 at 12:09 am

    And I thought the princess would play some important role, wearing that fat suit and all,for what? Then the other girl came in, remembered her from Sassy Sassy go, and lingering feelings of dislike is still here.
    I’ve seen PBG since Cantabile days until Reply 1988 and Youth over Flowers, I know he is really good and a sweetheart, but he wasn’t able to put on his charms in full display like here. And it was hard to resist this time, I saw him in a new light and he shines bright like a diamond,really! And Kim Yoo Jung, girl, you’re 18 and if this was your first screen kiss, it’s made more memorable coz it’s with Bogummy.

    • Reply Stephanie September 15, 2016 at 8:46 pm

      Yeah, when we were finishing up the chat and were trying to figure out if we missed something, we talked about the sister but realized she’s really just there as a foil for new girl. That’s why she’s never clicked for me.

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