Moonlight Stuffing In More Episodes?

Posted by Stephanie on September 15, 2016


An extension, what the? Since Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is currently the hottest show right now, and it was oddly scheduled for an 18 episodes jaunt, it was only a matter of time before the network started flirting with the idea of an extension. And by flirting, I’m sure it’s more along the lines of “You’re going to do it, right? RIGHT? RIGHT???” As networks are want to do. However, when it happens to a show I’m actually watching? Stephanie in the third person, is none too pleased.

But it’s two more episodes of Park Bo Gum who, I can now agree with all of you, is a perfect ball of wonder, delight and lovely full lips. Oh, you know what makes him even better? The kid has got some mad acting skills. Which should not be such an astounding thing but unfortunately, in our idol loving casting world, it really is.

While I may have been cool (in the standoffish sort of way) with this drama at the start, with the last few episodes, I’m charmed, not quite hooked, more of a — episodes going by faster sort of way. If I’d read this news a week ago, two weeks ago, I would have rolled my eyes. Now, I see there is plenty of plot to go around, stretch and extend.

Here’s the question, though.

Is this show being live shot? How may episodes do they have completed? I know the usual answer would be live shoot, but lately, there seems to be an upswing in preshot dramas. If they are still live shooting, cool, by all means, bring on the extension. If they are anywhere near the end of the drama? NO! Do not pass go, do not collect a million won, keep your grubby little fingers out of this drama. There is nothing worse, nothing more disappointing than a tacked on ending. Do production teams think we can’t tell? That we don’t care? If they do then, production teams are stupid.

So, I’m very happy for Park Bo Gum. I’m happy for the team. I’m happy for the whole drama. I just hope they choose wisely before making this decision.

I also hope Park Bo Gum signs onto another drama right away. Come on,  he’s a newbie enjoying his first success, it could happen–you know, striking while the iron is hot and all that.

So how are you feeling about Moonlight Drawn By Clouds? Are you pro-extension?

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