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Posted by Two Bengals on September 16, 2016

Fun Friday

PhotoNonSense HeaderHave you ever been absolutely certain there is more to the story of those photos you love? Well, of course there is! And we are here to answer your plea to Tell Me More.

This week the Slave Hunters go to the Field of Dreams, Bong Sookie prepares to grow up, Shinhwa gets a treat, and more. Plus, of course, a Bonus T.O.P.


(Note: these photos and captions are posted all in good fun – don’t be silly enough to get offended! Credit to original photographers.)


Lee Philip was just about to throw back the covers and get up when he noticed his father’s secretary standing formally by the window. The secretary bowed, placing a briefcase on the low table already set with coffee, croissants, and mandarin oranges. “I have been instructed to present these contracts to you, Young Master. Your family has released you from all business obligations,” he continued, “and you are welcome to resume your career in Korea.”


Meals were meager during their trainee days, and the Shinhwa members still recall fondly the day they were given an entire watermelon to feast upon for their daily food allocation. Eric hogged most of it, however.


Really, Jang Hyuk, Shoeless Joe is there?

Yup, General. They built it. And he came. Grab your mitt, let’s go play!


Faced with the imminent possibility of having actual adult relations with a woman, Bong Soo listened through his earpiece to ajumma’s instructions. His face registered the trepidation both he and Healer felt due to their inexperience, but he vowed to be strong and carry out the mission well.




Choi Seung Hyun was proud with what he had accomplished in his new home country. When he first arrived as a refugee he had to live with his friends Sol and D-Lite, but now he was a respected businessman with three franchises of his own in Cleveland and a celebratory new overcoat.

Stay tuned for more PhotoNonSense…

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