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Posted by Stephanie on September 19, 2016



Periodically I go through and add a bunch of titles onto the LGBT Movie and drama list, either with new things that I’ve found or entries which have been suggested by readers. I was just adding them, but, well, that doesn’t make sense, how will you know when I update? So, from here on out, I’ll do a little post for you with the new additions.

(If you haven’t visited the LGBT page, basically, I list the title, put in the synopsis, put in whether it’s gay, lesbian, or trans, whether it’s a main storyline or if it’s a side story, and, when possible put in a hint as to the end. Finally, if I’ve seen the drama, I give a few words of opinion.)



Pair of Love 2009 Taiwan

Li Jeng-je and Hue Wei Luen are best friends. Before they realize, they fall in love with each other and change their relationship from best friends to lovers. But Je is a basketball player who is afraid that his sexual orientation might be found by his homophobic friend, so he decides to break up with Lun. He tried to have a straight relationship with Ying, who is actually a lesbian. But eventually, he realizes that it doesn’t feel right…

Movie/Gay/Lesbian/Main Storyline/Happy Ending for one couple let me know in the comments if you want to know which. Actually, looking at the synopsis you can probably tell which one ends happily. 

Stephanie Note: Seen it, was sad when the one turned from the other, angst ensued but I like to think everything ended up well.

to-you-for-meTo You For Me 2014 Chinese

A short film about making relationship choices, and second chances. Starring Ian Lao, Paul Wong, Sabrina Tam, and Jeffrey Mak.

Short Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Who the fudge knows? I’m going to go with sad, but it kind of looks like they go back in time? 

l4j9e2k3_ffc51b_c2xRound Trip To Love 2016 Chinese

Two boys at school fall in love, but their families are split up and send one to another country. They meet for several years at one company as a subordinate and boss. They become secret lovers, but the coincidence is again divided into several years. She secretly forty years as men who already have families. Their relationship restarters disrupt disease.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Haven’t seen it but when it’s said right in the description, tragedy I’m going to go with no. 

i-go-to-school-not-by-busI Got To School Not By Bus 2012 hj

A coming out of age story of 2 secondary school students who study in a Christian school. Ming, is in closet and Hei is openly gay, “I go to school not by bus” is a story of self-discovery, struggle thru love, loneliness, religion in the no-regret-rebellious-moment.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/sad ending

Stephanie Note: Not together in the end. Spoiler. There. I saved you.

han-zi-gaoHan Zi Gao (The Male Concubine) 2016

A BL story, Han Zi Gao turns into a concubine, but he has to become more to keep his place by his master.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/


swapSwap 2016 Chinese

Over the years, Owen’s life has been mired in mourning his brother, in pain unable to extricate himself. Until one day, in their business Yuwen Entertainment Company when he encounters the lonely courier, Bare. Bare is not only cute, but he also resembles Owen’s brother. His heart can’t help but to fall in love with him, he’ll keep getting over protective over Bare and do his best to make him happy. Meanwhile, Bare meets a security guard of a building who is also a loner like him, who also keeps protecting him but never stays for too long. The world is filled with billions of people, can all those hearts be filled with love instead of loneliness?

Drama/Gay/Main Storyline/

Stephanie Note: Currently watching but it seems creepy. Is he really chasing after the person who looks just like his brother?


For Love We Can 2014

Jun is a reckless, rebellious young man. His coming out enraged his father, with his mother stuck in the middle. Even after his father’s death they are still unable to reconcile and the two barely communicate. Knowing that being gay is not accepted by his mother, there is a wall between the two even though they live under the same roof. Michael is an honest, stable young man who works in a bank. He distastes his parents’ indulgence in their work and business dealings in China. When Michael met Jun, two lonely souls fell deeply in love, oblivious to the wide open eyes of people around them. Jun’s mother disapproves their relationship, while reluctantly she had to accept it. Because of Michael’s positive energy, the relationship between mother and son gradually defrosts. One day, Jun’s ex-boyfriend revealed to him a secret, which overturned the world of Jun. And now Jun and Michael have to face the most difficult test in their relationship while Han is also going through her struggles.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Hopeful Ending

Stephanie: I watched this, liked it, though it’s short I really got attached to the characters.

reverse-light-sourceReverse Light Source 2016

“Reverse Light Source” is a story about Fang Yuan, a smart, handsome boy and Liang Guang, a quiet boy but he seems like have a lot of things to say. In the university life, Fang Yuan helps Liang Guang open his heart, but when their relationship becomes better, it predicts something will happen. After all, can Liang Guang open his heart to face the amazing student life. What is the feeling of Fang Yuang. How can Liang Guang face with his true identity? How will their feeling change?

Drama/Gay/Main Storyline/too soon to tell

Stephanie Note: Watched the first 3 episodes. It seems pretty badly written but it might be too soon to tell.

worm-maxRobot Love (Worm Max) 2015 c

A story of the tall, handsome, yet shy male lead Qiao Zi Jun who unfortunately has to deal with a broken robotic male lover called Max while trying to pursue his lovely next door neighbor Pan Xiao Yue and get rid of Xiao Yue’s best friend Chen Xi.

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/Uhhhh….I think this falls under more gay baiting than actually being a gay movie. 

Stephanie Note: Didn’t technically watch it, just watched the end to see if the straight guy and the robot could end up together. The result is irritating.

uncontrolled-loveUncontrolled Love 2 2016

Movie/Gay/Main Storyline/TERRRIBLE ENDING GAH

Stephanie Note: Did you not see my TERRIBLE ENDING?? THIS IS TERRIBLE. Review coming soon to a blog near you. (Mine)

sotus-the-seriesSOTUS 2016

There’s a university system called SOTUS (an acronym which stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit – a tradition in which upper classmen sometimes exploit and even abuse freshmen and others seeking acceptance). Junior level students are required to mentor those freshmen and be respected in return. Enter a rather assertive and vocal freshy at the Engineering faculty named Kongpob who gets to be under the mentorship of Artit, a strict Junior who happens to be the boss of his year. ~ Based on a BL novel by BitterSweet (Nabu Publishing)


Sunset Night Legend – Bite Fight

Don’t have anything beyond this except it’s a gay thai vampire movie. Come on, how can you go wrong? Unless you’re that other gay thai vampire movie.

If you want to check out the entire list, click here.

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