T.O.P Signing Up For Drama?

Posted by Stephanie on September 20, 2016

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What is this tomfoolery? I demand an explanation as to why T.O.P first does a Chinese/German film (and how is that a thing?) and now he’s in talks to join a Chinese drama? What the?

Maybe T.O.P has been sent there to mend the currently tattered Chinese/Korean fences. T.O.P, a well of diplomatic good will –and sexiness.

Before I get all cranky pants about the entire situation I have to remind myself several things.

1) Any T.O.P is good T.O.P. (And I right?)

2) If he’s signing onto another big project like this, doesn’t it mean it’s going to be a while longer before he leaves  us to do his military duty for 2 years? (Yeah. Remember that is still looming over us…)

3) Lately I’ve actually been watching a few Chinese dramas including Love O2O, which I love.

So why all the grumbling then? Yes, these are all good and valid points. Here’s the thing though. It’s Chinese. He’ll be dubbed. Who wants to see T.O.P standing there speaking with some rando voice coming out of his face? How weird would that be? Wouldn’t that take you out of the drama and therefore ruin the experience?

Who am I kidding? It’s a possible 25-30 hours of T.O.P on my screen. If this happens I WILL be watching. I WILL squeee. I WILL embarrass myself and those around me. It’s what’s expected demanded of me as a fan.

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