Bae Doona Coming Back Home?

Posted by Stephanie on September 27, 2016

Casting News


Now here is some casting news I like to hear. It’s not often I get all excited for a lady-type casting, and well…I feel bad about that. It’s not like we’re all boys, boys, boys here at Kchat Jjigae, I think it’s either, male castings are just more in our faces, or, there just aren’t that many main lead female actresses I’m all excited about. This though, this gets all my casting spider sense a-tingling.

Bae Doona, who  has been off with a very busy international and movie schedule is currently in talks to come back to the Korean drama screen. Now it’s been so long since she’s been here that newbies out there might not know who she is. If this is the case, do yourself a favor and watch Gloria. Great drama.

She’s been making such a big name for herself outside of the country, I was beginning to wonder if she would ever be back. Although I should say this, it’s not official that she’s going to accept this. This new drama is just one of many projects she’s looking at. It’s just the one drama that I hope she does think about taking.

The drama in question is one of those gritty OCN dramas that I would think would lure in the likes of Bae. It is about some guards at a prison who keep getting offed in their off hours and I can I only expect pluck and or gritty Bae Doona to the rescue.

Looking at the premise, I could see why she is considering taking it. It’s dark, it’s gritty, and it’s on a network which will allow both those things to exist, while also working with a non-liveshoot schedule which is helping to lure back some of the bigger names.

I’m hoping she takes it. While the drama doesn’t sound like it will be my cup of tea and I probably wouldn’t watch, I just like the idea of her coming back. Maybe if this goes well, she’ll try it again. And maybe that will be the one I want to watch.

A girl can dream.

Do you remember Bae Doona? Have you watched any of her English stuff? Are you looking forward to her return?  Hmmm….

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