Podcast Episode 75: Comebacks (and Not Just Our Own)

Posted by Cherry Cordial on September 30, 2016



We’re back did you miss us? We missed you! Or at least Cherry did. Stephanie was watching too much drama to think about it. (That’s why Cherry is the nice one.) We’re talking comeback news, concert tours, solo efforts before hitting what we’ve been watching during our time away with the likes of W, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Five Children, Love O2O, and Make It Right.

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Song of a Day

BTS – ‘WINGS’ Comeback Trailer

Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form, podcast@kchatjjigae.com, or if you’d like to leave a voicemail we could play on the air give us a call at 1-347-674-9310. For those of you outside the country (or who don’t want to call long distance), you can record your question on your phone or computer and email the file to us at podcast@kchatjjigae.com.

Dramas Mentioned

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
Drinking Solo
Let’s Eat
W: Two Worlds
Five Children
Love O2O
The Interpreter
Cruel Romance
Boss & Me
Shan Shan Comes to Eat
Uncontrolled Love
Uncontrolled Love 2
Robot Love
Noble My Love
Go Princess Go
The Male Concubine
Reverse Light Source
To You For Me
Operation: Proposal
Make it Right
Love Sick

People Mentioned

Park Bo Gum

Links Mentioned

CL Concert Article

Stephanie should apologize to the following
  • Anyone irritated by the weird audio. She tried to fix it.
  • Alix and Sara. She guesses she doesn’t hate you for having an awesome time in Korea–but you’re lucky you’re so cute as it was touch and go there for a while.
  • That one person who liked Uncontrolled Love. You do you, boo. (i.e., like what you like, she’d say we are a non-judgement zone, but that would be a lie, however, we don’t mock what people like… well… we mock with love.)
  • Anyone who took the, ‘she didn’t miss you’ to heart. She did miss you — in her own way. 😉
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 


  • Reply make it right October 2, 2016 at 5:16 am

    i have read the book and it has more heart than love sick , it was good and the series ruined a lot…. in season 2 you will understand why he is with jean because he feels guilty in the book and in the series it should show ,i hope you will watch it. the book is better than love sick so hope you dont judge it from a series. the series team is stupid. they ruin stories

  • Reply Liz C October 6, 2016 at 1:55 am

    I was listening to the description of the series where the soul switches bodies between the brother-look-alike to the girl while I was driving to work, and I cackled so hard.

    Drinking Solo is generally pretty fun. The student storyline, that Key is part of, is my favorite part, and he’s really doing a great job. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys watching Key.

  • Reply Spiceangel October 14, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I am still playing catch up listening to the podcasts!!?!? So my comments are a bit late. Mr SpiceAngel got a kick out of hearing his name last podcast. I was listening in the other room and he commented on it! BTW. We watch the BTS teaser videos and then go watch fan explanation videos…to get context. My favorite one was Jhopes Mama (which is actually one of my fav new songs) video. When he pulls out a snickers and starts eating it, I about lost it…so funny on so many levels.

    I had to go back and watch ‘boy meets evil’ video. I totally did not even notice his clothes….I had to look hard to find the bedazzled neck line. I did notice the dancing and the skin. I am so glad that Hobie got to shine!!

    You all are making me crack up!!!!

    Cherry…totally make Stephanie sign a contract!! 🙂

    I was skeptical about ‘drinking Solo’ also, but I am totally in now. And I might be a new Key fan…

    Once again, thank you for watching so I don’t have to!!! In certain things, I would rather hear Stephanie just tell the plot than to actually watch. 🙂

    So glad to hear your voices!!!

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