Musical Monday: The Look Who’s Coming Back Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 3, 2016




This post is probably the first Musical Monday we’ve had that isn’t about an actual song. Weird. However, as I was choosing a song in which to focus on, I could only focus on this news.

BTS is coming back, baby.

I’m of 2 minds. 1) As an ultimate fangirl I, of course, have to give a big wahoooooo. I have managed to hold strong to my BTS obsession way longer than anyone had anticipated. Usually, no matter how much I like a person or a band, I will either burn out or just lose interest. Not so much with BTS. Which brings me to point 2)

For the love of fudging Mike these guys deserve a break! No wonder they were tired at KCON, if they were keeping up with their schedule and recording a full album on top of that. Is BTS the production company’s only artist? Or their only successful artist? I know there is the adage, strike while the iron is hot, but not at the expense of your commodity. Especially considering the news that Rap Mon is not going to sit out all performances leading up to the release in order to recover from a possible stress fracture in his leg. GAH!!!

Now that I’ve bummed everyone out, I realize I have a third concern. What if I don’t like the album?  I’m not sure if I’m ready to lose interest in these guys yet. But here’s the thing, I’m an over-reacter from way back. I’ve been listening to some of their older stuff lately and though I loved them hard right from the start, I have to admit, they are just getting better as they go along.

Now, to the music. Have you been watching the little video teasers they put out before the announcement?  Yeah, I’m sure you did. When those were being released we all knew something was a-brewing, didn’t we. And the really smart ones knew it was going to be a new album. What we’re going to show here is the full Hoseok (J-Hope) dance video as I have an ever increasing soft spot for the dancer as sometimes it seems as though he gets a little overshadowed by his compatriots.

Now, Cherry had me watch this a while back and I mostly sneered because of the styling. They have him in the same haircut with an orange color which has been recycled from 2 of his bandmates–and the orange they chose?  Was washed out and sad. Hobi deserved better. Let also not forget the same pants they all wore for the last album and the part of the video where it gets all blacklight and his shirt changes to this cringe silk thing with a bedazzled collar. Come on. Why you gotta do J-Hope like that? He is not unattractive, why do you downplay him?  However, I have made my peace with it.

Why? Well, AmberKmuse gifted my morning with this:

Which seriously made my brain melt out my ear hole. Holy smokes Hoseok, holy smokes.

So, now with this new release imminently due to us, it makes me wonder if we might, possibly, (please, please, please) get a tour from them this year–or early next year–or anytime. Come on. I’m obviously not above a little (or a lot of) begging.

BTS Wings Comeback Trailer: Boy Meets Evil

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  • Reply Spiceangel October 3, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    I was so happy with Jhope’s video. He dances, he raps, he sings!! And he does some pretty spectacular things with his body. There is one move where his foot swings up around his head!?! Flexible much??

    He is a triple threat! I started appreciating him the first time I got to see them live. He is an outstanding performer.

    Just a few more days!!

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