Yoon Shi Yoon, Popping In On Our TVs

Posted by Stephanie on October 4, 2016

Casting News


Though it turns out I have issues with Yoon Shi Yoon’s drama choices, I’m still trying very hard to hold onto (or justify) this love I have for him. Makes you wonder when he’ll make the jump to movies already/ Come on, it’s only a matter of time, right? It’s not like he doesn’t have the talent for it. I mean–if Lee Min Ho can do it…

But until that happens, we’ll have to settle for his drama choices, which brings us to the newest casting news. 

Our boy (or I guess since he has done his military service we’ll have to call him out man) has decided to visit our tv scenes once again by signing onto a drama short, a three episode fantasy drama. Huh. Well, okay, you didn’t have your fill with the fantasy genre in Mirror of the Witch? At least this one has something to do with eating so at least we have that to look forward to.

You know what I’m visualizing? (Not knowing anything about the actual plot.) Wouldn’t it be funny if it were like Late Night Diner but with fantasy? Now that you think about it, couldn’t there have been a quiet fantasy element slipped into that drama? I mean, we didn’t know anything about the mysterious owner. Problems kept getting fixed almost magically by food in that show. Would it be that much of a leap to think he could have been there, behind the scenes, working a little hocus pocus? Where did he manage to keep all those ingredients anyway? Remember that terrible Sarah Michele Gellar movie with the magical crab? This could be kdrama’s crab!

Okay, so obviously I’m running off a major sugar high right now and my thought should be taken with a grain of sugar.

A pinch of sugar?

A cup of sugar?

Anyway, the drama is called Three Color of Fantasies and is a joint production between MBC and Naver. His story arc will be three episodes of a nine-episode whole called Romance Full of Life.

We should probably just be happy to get Yoon Shi Yoon however we can get him– but I say that having not bothered with Prime Minster and bailing on Mirror four episodes in and while I find myself tempted with his stint on 1N2D I haven’t forced myself to break that seal yet.

I guess we’ll continue to wait for his big (come on Baker King was a long time and a whole military service ago) break. Will this be it? Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and say no, but it’s Yoon Shi Yoon so I’ll continue to look forward to it anyway.

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  • Reply Spiceangel October 4, 2016 at 8:07 am

    I feel your frustration over wanting to see him in an drama I can get behind!!

    I, however, do get to see him every week… There was one episode on 1N2D where they went to the village he grew up in and they introduced his grandparents. He loves them so much!!!

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