Top Five Inexcusably Redeemed Irredeemable Characters

Posted by Stephanie on October 6, 2016

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Something you might not know about me. I am the queen of the Grudge Holders. If holding a grudge were an Olympic sport then I would hold silver and would spend the rest of my days plotting the demise of gold. You know. Because my mama raised me right.

So, one thing which perpetually drives me crazy about Kdrama? Their perpetual need to forgive and forget. No matter how bad the person is, no matter how evil the deeds they are during the course of our drama. By the end, all is forgiven and my teeth are stuck, clenched together.

In honor of my non-forgiving nature, here is my list of Top Five people who should never have been forgiven. Sometimes these people are the big bads and others? Just irritated the fudge out of me.

Can You Hear My Heart52674ed2da61355911551cfa3e86ed50

In this case, we do have a big bad. A big bad of the worst sort. He murders the grandfather, essentially causes our hero’s deafness, keeps an evil mistress (and child) on the side, a mistress he imports as his wife’s bestie. Essentially murders the heroine’s mother, covers it up—and this is just in the first four episodes!

As the story goes on he continues to get worse and worse, essentially destroying those around him in his climb to the top. By the end all he needs to do to be forgiven by our hero is to get a brain tumor and let it be found out that the grandfather he murdered had held him in such little regard that he had to sign a contract promising to never have children with his wife.

Yeah, that may have been a crappy move, but it wasn’t like this was any love match, he was already selling himself into that family. If you didn’t like it? Don’t sign it. Don’t marry her. Walk the fudge away. Don’t proceed to destroy and murder your way through society. His acts are terrible. But the hero’s attempt to not forgive him but try to get the other he wronged to do the same? Ugh.


Let’s just go with all of Team Rich on this drama.gloria11-drunk-speak

We have your actual villan who murders the heroine’s parents in an attempt to murder the heroine’s sister (his mistress) to cover up for the fact he accidentally killed his wife when she confronted him about his affair. Throughout the drama he’s murdering, attempting to murder, arranging the beat downs and ruins of all the main characters.

But this is okay because once his scheme is revealed to the world and he jumps off a building, the hero remembers once he wanted to be an astronomer–so that makes everything okay.

Oh, and the sister who he tries to murder multiple times, kills off her parents, her unborn baby, locks her up in an asylum and causes a brain injury which sends her to the mental age of 8 for the first half of the drama? Well, she plans on never moving on, choosing to wait to be with him in heaven.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Heroes parents aren’t any gems either plotting, scheming, hiding the brother’s evil deeds, pitting the two boys against each other, nearly destroying the heroine and all she holds dear? Yeah. They’re all cool at the end too.

Ugh X 3

Let’s move onto a non-villan evil doer.

Can We Love

How can someone who is technically not a villain make the list? Well, her actions are pretty villain-y but as this is not that sort of show, they are simply billed as misguided. What did she do to make the list? The show is about three supposed BFF’s (although the way these people act to each other, I’m guessing the term means something else in Korean.) So. Best friend, afraid she is going to end up alone keeps trying to steal friends new boyfriend to the point where she is willing to get him drunk, take him to a hotel room and then try to pass off the baby she’s carrying by some young kid she’s stringing along as friends boyfriends? Going so far as to tell her friend first, asking her to break up with said boyfriend without telling him why so she can attempt to swoop him up.

Yeah, she’s a charmer. I can’t understand why she thinks she’ll end up alone. When she finally gives up her scheme, there is nary a ding to the friendship. These ladies may be much better people than I am, but something like that just shows what sort of person she is, and that sort of person? I don’t forgive.

Love Sick

Jeed. Or, as we not so lovingly call her—Fucking Jeed. A needless addition to the story, the producers decided to spend way too much time on her and her unnecessary storyline. She has a nice boy who really likes her in the beginning? Well, he was as poor as she was so obviously not good enough. Trades up for a rich boy who sleeps with her and dumps her in front of everyone. She then proceeds to spend the remainder of her time in the Lovesick universe maiming and pillaging the girls in her school for real or imagined reasons. She caps off her reign of terror by assaulting her main rival and cutting off her hair then moving onto full on attempted murder.

So she can’t be redeemed, right? Please tell me they don’t try to redeem her. Suuuure. Nope, after a standoff between her and Noh’s ex where she tries to out Noh the girls decide to try harder to be her friend. By the end, she’s happy and in another school. Does she deserve such happiness? The show wants us to believe that it was just the circumstances, the environment that made her bad. Sure kids get caught up in things, but underneath it all Jeed was a bad egg right from the start and used the consequences of her bad actions as reason for her continued bad behavior.

Way to bring a damper down on the whole show. Fucking Jeed.

Cubiccubic 10

I did have another drama here, but I suddenly remembered the crack show that was Cubic. There was a guy in this show, the evil plotting cousin  of the hero who, well, like the hero, kidnapped and held a girl hostage and attempted to rape her several times. (Hero at least didn’t do that but before you give him any kudos it’s because he was totes keepin’ his rapin’ skills handy for heroine’s sister. Heroine? Deemed ugly and not worthy of his libido misdeeds.) However, once kidnapped girl escapes with the help of heroine and hero, she decides that she actually loves him and goes back. What. The. FUDGE. (Although really, when you think about it, why is the hero redeemed again? Unsure.)

So this is me. What are some of your top most irritatingly redeemed characters?

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  • Reply Telzey October 7, 2016 at 11:33 am

    Are you thinking about this because of the ending to Cinderella? Besides the evil stepmother and the step-sisty-ugler, the ones I remember are: The evil mothers in Boys Over Flowers and Pinocchio, and the Not-Dead-Wife in Prime Minister and I, and Blade Man. The thing is, the evil mothers just sour the ending, but the not-dead-wives messed up the whole second half of the show. And then everyone is all sweetness and light? That just grates on your nerves doesn’t it?

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