Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Drama Chat Part 13&14

Posted by Stephanie on October 9, 2016



We knew it! We knew, knew, knew that angst and tears were coming our way. Just looking at the amount of episodes we had left, we knew the cuteness and happy train had to derail at some point, and that some point was now.

Stephanie: I’m just going to come out and say it. I was very, very angry at what’s her face these episodes. She broke his heart, and what was worse, set him up for an even bigger fall. That is pretty inexcusable.

Leila:  Heh.  So angry you’re not even going to use her name!  Maybe it’s because I’m an adult, but it made me mad too to watch her get all lovey-dovey and give the Prince everything he wanted emotionally, just before she planned to abandon him.  I know we’re supposed to be thinking “She’s young!” or ‘It’s romantic!” but I just thought it was cruel.  This would have been the time for her to stand firm in her previous position of a little protective distance.  And, I kept waiting for the Prince to think “Wait a minute…”

Stephanie: EXACTLY. Look. I understand why, but the how was cruel. He has always been the one who’s wanted more from the relationship. I want to say he’s the one who’s felt more, but I think people would take exception to that, but he’s wanted a full on relationship from her, and has made no bones about expressing that to her. He has craved those little moments, and for her to finally give them to him, for her to give him hope, even if it was what she needed? Was terrible. She doesn’t deserve him. TEAM PRINCE.wp-1476038150901.jpg

Leila:  I keep thinking that we’re forgetting that this is never going to work in the long run.  We knew that coming in.  The Prince appears to forget that.  He seems to think he’s going to be able to wave a magic wand and fix all the things keeping them apart. But, though they don’t express it well in the drama, I do think Ra On is always aware of it.   

The other thing that frustrated me about this episode, is the fact that there’s danger everywhere.  Everyone is telling her to run, the palace is crashing down around her head, and she’s actually been caught a couple of times, and she’s doesn’t get the hell out of Dodge!  Run, you idiot!  Less mooning over the Prince’s (admittedly, gorgeous) face and get your butt to safety.  He’s not going to thank you for getting yourself killed.  

Stephanie: Yeah, long run, I didn’t see them figuring out a way to make it work, but still… Jerk Faced McJerky-Jerk. And dumb. Maybe that’s her middle name. Jerk Faced Dummy McJerky-Jerk. GET OUT OF THERE. Not only does her staying endanger her, but at this point, because of the pains he’s taking to protect her, it endangers the prince as well. For someone who is supposed to be more aware of everything, she’s not thinking clearly. Plus, the added bonus. Where exactly did they hide? Dude. It looks like her mom’s house is right next to the palace. She gets daily Jinyoung visits, and then the guard just comes and drops off a letter? Prince and the guards can find her? Dude. She ran, but she certainly didn’t hide.

Leila:  Hahahahaha.  I know!  What the actual heck?  If Jinyoung can just pop by for a casual visit, you are far far too close.  Hyung Kim has let me down.  He was the one who hid her, right? She and her mom should have at least gone a day’s ride away, or hey, maybe hidden in the forest or mountains?  Maybe they should have let White Cloud protect them for the short term.  And I love that Hyung Kim and Jinyoung collaborated again to try and get Ra On to safety.  So, the night she goes missing is the night she’s all cuddly with the Prince in his bed (such an innocent show that that scene didn’t go the realist places I expected. But maybe I have a dirty mind).  The whole time that was going on, since we knew Hyung Kim or Jinyoung was going to rescue her, I expected one of them to walk in on the couple.  I pictured Hyung Kim tiptoeing in and tapping her on the shoulder really awkwardly, “Ummm…”wp-1476038124767.jpg

Stephanie: I KNOW~! I expected her to be stolen from the bed by somebody. (Although team bad is still weirdly in the dark as to who she really is.) Does no one check in on the prince? I guess not if this is the same world which allows the princess to wander around by herself to be accosted by people (Even if it was adorable.) For a time period which valued a princess’s lady parts over the actual lady? Doesn’t seem like it would actually happen. But I’ve sidetracked. I wonder, who tipped off prince to her whereabouts? If it was a guard, she would have been taken in. Did Jinyoung finally give up? But he’d still want to protect her even if he can’t have her. Was it Hyung Kim? Did they finally have the heart to heart they needed? Unless she did actually give a change of address form, someone had to have clued him in.

Leila:  Oh my gosh!  The Princess and her cute suitor!   I forgive her for all her lameness in the earlier episodes because the flirting, and flouncing, and making eyes were our only real light spot in these two episodes.  Based on how those two acted together, it really was probably a good idea to have guards around a princess’ virtue.  Goodness.

I’m glad you brought up the “How did the Prince find out she was there?”  You and I were both completely surprised. But I was a little distracted in a part of my mind trying to figure that out.  You’re probably right that it was Jinyoung.  I felt really bad for him when he was trying to see her and she always looked disappointed to see him or cried.  No matter how in love I was, I would not be disappointed to see the perfection that is Jinyoung.  So, yeah, he probably caved to wanting to make her happy. Though, I’m not sure that him telling the Prince where she is would have been smart and safe.  Would he have done it to make her happy?  Yes? No?

That final scene where the Prince says “I will never forgive you.”  Dagger to the heart.  

Stephanie: First off, Princess. I feel like we finally found the point of the princess. I think the show planned these sets of episodes thinking, “How are we going to bring the cute we’re known for while still bringing in the required angst?” Bring on an awkward sister princess and her awkward suitor. For someone who I didn’t care about during the show, I thought their part was just adorable. I hope that they are allowed to be together, I’m not sure what his social status is.wp-1476038109929.jpg

Holy fudge, when the Prince said he’d never forgive her? I was all, heck yeah! And this is what I expected, this would be the first time that he would do the expected, or what is expected in dramaland, and turn against her. Or at least be mad at her. But when instead he hugged her? My heart went all melty melt (for him, not for her who I am still mad at). This may not be the expected response, but it was the right response for this character who does love her so much.

Leila:  It’s was like, 3 whole seconds, of angst.  Which is about what I can stand before I start squirming and feeling miserable for everyone.  I was surprised it was so short-lived, but glad.  Though, she really did deserve a little more punishment then that.  I am a mean person.  It was very very sweet of him.  It’s like the writers have been commanded to keep PBG as perfect as possible, in fact, make him ever more perfect.  

What are some of the side plots that happened around the edges?  Oh, the New Girl!  I have such mixed feelings about her.  She’s nice enough, I feel bad for her, and I kind of hate her.  That whole thing is so complicated.  Are she and the Prince just officially engaged now, or did they get married?  They’re putting her in her own house and training her…

Stephanie: Yeah, they are officially engaged, which means a whole lot more then than it does now. She has to go through some princess training probably about plotting and looking down on the lower class, before they are good to go. I had a whole lot more respect for her character before she started pulling the ‘anything for the family’ stance. Yeah, she was always crafty (not in the usual bad Bgirl lead way) but this just seemed beneath her. As a cool character, she deserves more than what she’s willing to settle for. When the Prince told her to stay out of his space, I did cheer for him. He is resigned to his fate, knows what she’s all about, but is still unwilling to give up all the ground. He has to give up so much in these episodes, it’s the little things he needs to stand for. I’d feel bad for her, but she’s officially agreed to sign on for this sort of relationship with him. She needs to see what that will mean for her. wp-1476038189433.jpg

Leila:   Yeah, she’s all “I understand he doesn’t love me. I just want to be near him and support him.” But that lasted mere seconds before she started feeling miserable.  I feel bad for her and not, all at the same time.  Jinyoung’s situation was similar, he was just more graceful about it?

Which reminds me of the whole Evil Queen and baby plot. Jinyoung knows about the baby.  We see him follow the actual royal, throw-away baby, off screen, but are waiting to see what happens there.  I find this whole little side plot to be a little confusing, and melo, and unnecessary.  I’m assuming she forced herself into early labor so that the birth ages would match?  I wondered how she was going to present the King with a month old baby.  Maybe my problem with it is that it’s just so awful.  Grr.

Stephanie: Yeah, I don’t know much about babies, but what I do know is that there is a big difference between newborns and, well any babies. Or at least I’m pretty sure. Not to mention with all the people around, HOW IS THIS KEPT A SECRET??? I’d get it if the queen wasn’t actually pregnant and was just doing a straight kid steal, but to do a swap? Seems unlikely. What I’m hoping is that Jinyoung realizes this and uses this as a reason to break his family’s plans. He can’t condone this, right? They haven’t made him into that sort of person, right?

Leila:  I have faith in Jinyoung.  He’s come this far as an ally. I will be seriously upset if he goes bad.  I don’t think he will though.  My overarching objection to a lot of the plotting and scheming and “behind closed doors” stuff going on in the Palace is that the walls are essentially made of PAPER.  Your normal inside voice discussion can be heard by people just wandering by, nevermind women giving birth and screaming babies.  I mean, seriously.  And speaking of scheming, why the heck is that corrupt minister that the Prince has busted twice now, STILL in the palace?  And the part where the Minister of Doom and his cronies are questioning the “rebel” and the Minister kills him.  The Prince knows this is all a set-up but seems unable to deal with it.  Why are there not more beheadings?  He has no power.  It’s very frustrating.  wp-1476038133956.jpg

Stephanie: That is totally frustrating. Why is he still there? Still plotting, still scheming. If Prince can’t get rid of him, someone with way less power than the ultimate Big Bad, how is Prince ever going to prevail when it actually means something? Sometimes I get eyeroll-y at Kdrama for all the ‘hearing through doors’ plot schemes. But here? Yes, the doors are literally paper. How has no one overheard anything? Or seen anything? Prince and his eunuch have been pretty much making out in pubic, Princess now has her beau she’s getting chummy with, King is going insane, and the bad guys are plotting, how does no one know everyone else’s business?

One thing I’m not clear on is the bad guy and the princess-to-be’s family. It sounded like the minister-father went against the bad guy in the the meeting, but gave him the secret ‘I’m with you’ face to him. Minister looked smug and then irritated. I just don’t know what his end game is. Is the father pretending to be with the Prince? Or is he pretending to be with the other guy? Is he pretending to be with the prince, and the bad guy is pretending to be part of one scheme but is actually pulling a second scheme on that guy? I DON’T KNOW. My brain hurts thinking about it.

Leila:  Right?!  When that little scene happened I was wondering if maybe the Minister-Father had going over to the good side too, but then I saw no more evidence of it?  And, I thought having the daughter marry the Prince was actually against Minister of Doom’s plans?  I am also confused.  But, we’re closing in on the last few episodes, and I guess, I hope at least, that all these convoluted frayed ends will be tied together.

Stephanie: We can only hope.

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