Sad, Sad Goblin King

Posted by Stephanie on October 12, 2016


gong-yoo-3Well, hello there Gong Yoo? Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? And by sore eyes I mean you’re still a pretty, pretty drink of water. And by drink of water, I mean you’re a talented actor who’s projects I continually look forward to.

Why, what did you think I mean?

As Goblin, now called Kdrama appropriately moody Lonely, Shining Goblin. So we know he’s a goblin, but he’s not going to be that sort of goblin, he’s going to be the moody pouty goblin, in which case I ask, why not just make him a vampire? But I sidetracked myself. Now that the drama has casting in place, it’s time to start getting some cast photos out there into the web-isphere in order to drum up some excitement. (Although I say, you have Gong Yoo on your cast, that’s pretty much all the excitement a show needs.) So, we’ve got shots of a Lonely, Shining Gong Yoo being all lonely and shining. gong-yoo-2

Which is a very good look for him I’m pretty sure we can all agree. Question. Is it just me or does he look younger here? I just saw him in Train to Busan where he looked older. Of course, being chased by flesh eating zombies will age a guy. I don’t know, maybe it’s his new floppy hair which has aged him down.


So, on top of gifts of a few (measly) pictures, we have more character information coming out, which is where I go from I’M ALL IN to….hrm. So, as reported before, Gong Yoo, has a spell put on him, turning him into a goblin who never ages or dies. The spell can only be broken once he finds his goblin-y bride. Cool. That is some pretty straight forward stuff there. What has my panties in a knot is the fact that his bride is a high schooler.


Kdrama, why you gotta do me like that? Haven’t we had our fill of heroes romancing infants this year? You made it so I couldn’t watch Yoon Shi Yoon, now you have to snatch Gong Yoo away from me too? Is this a new trend? If so, then please, let it die the way of the time travel…which hasn’t died. Go the way of the vampire? Well, he is a goblin, so that’s different at least.

Goblin is still all buddy-buddy with Lee Dong Wook’s character a not so grim reaper, and that I look forward to, seeing them all try to live together, with Kim Eun Suk’s snappy snarky dialog working together to herd people into the afterlife. That? That sounds like a laugh riot.

What irritates me here is the fact that Lee Dong Wook’s love interest is a dippy owner of a chicken restaurant played by Yoo Inna. Sigh. I’m not a fan. I’m not entirely certain why, but she irritates me, her continued portrayal of dippy characters irritates me and now I think I have to pass on this drama. Which makes me really, really crabby.

Which makes me really, really crabby.

As the drama is slated for sometime in December, I guess there is still time to decide, but as of right now, unless I get Yoo fever, or some really awesome teasers pop up, I’m out. And that’s just a low down dirty shame.

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  • Reply Deanna October 12, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    I didn’t know the plot. Yeah…..I have to agree with you on the love interest being in high school part. Especially when you think about how old Gong Yoo is. There are so many fantastic actresses that are more age appropriate. I’ll probably still give it a go, as he’s my favorite Korean actor, but so disappointed this is what he chose as his return to kdrama land.

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