PhotoNonSense IX

Posted by Two Bengals on October 14, 2016

Fun Friday

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Have you ever been absolutely certain there is more to the story of those photos you love? Well, of course there is! And we are here to answer your plea to Tell Me More.

This week, CL is stalked by a fangirl, JangHyuk goes Fast and Furious, Yunho’s stableboy gets sidetracked, and More! Plus, of course, the Bonus T.O.P.


(Note: These photos and captions are posted for fun – don’t be silly enough to get offended! Credit to original photographers.)


Yunho flopped into a chair as soon as he arrived back at the stables. “I am SO DONE with this,” he announced imperiously. “Where the hell is the kid to take my horse?”

“On his way, M’lord,” the stable manager hastened to report. “He is quite capable and he will be here in just a moment. I understand the household staff has many tasks for our young Ji Chang Wook in recent days, at the specific request of M’lady.”



Kim Bum renounced his Korean citizenship and changed his name to Gepetto.  He moved to Palermo, where he lived happily ever after.



ChaeLin had been nice to people all day. She had a headache, her feet hurt, she was hungry, He strapless bra was giving in to gravity, and she had to pee. “I don’t know who this blonde bitch is,” she muttered to herself. “If she wants her picture with me I’ll do it, but that’s the last photo and I’m outta here.”




Jang Hyuk glanced around anxiously, trying to slow his breathing to stay calm. “Drive it like you stole it, drive it like you stole it, drive it like you stole it.” He kept repeating the mantra to himself as he jumped into the driver seat, gunned the engine, and sped out the open showroom doors.


Bonus T.O.Ptop


“So, in reality, I believe the psycho-social paradigm of the current rap music environment has become irrelevant,” she continued. Without pausing for breath she intoned “In fact, you may not know this but I recently completely my thesis on the subject matter of the lack of creative content by idol rappers.” She turned to him. “Don’t you agree that idol rappers are, on the whole, deplorably lacking in pungency and creativity?”

T.O.P. smiled politely. Apparently this woman had no idea who he was, despite her self-proclaimed academic credentials. He had only attended this event at Seungri’s urging, and he knew Gri had a hand in the table seating charts. If Seungri thought this was funny they were going to have a serious talk. But First, T.O.P. needed to find a way to escape his table companion and get to the bar.


Stay tuned for more PhotoNonSense…

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