Khottie of the Week: Yoo Ji Tae

Posted by KpopontheDL on October 15, 2016

Khottie of the Week

%e1%84%8b%e1%85%b2%e1%84%8c%e1%85%b5%e1%84%90%e1%85%a2Since the last few weeks have been full of Kpop idols on the younger end of the spectrum, I thought I owed all of us an actor.  And one full of sexy maturity and experience!  One who really knows who he is and what he’s doing!  Why does this sound lame?  There’s no graceful way to say he’s an older guy for us older fans!


Yoo Ji Tae does everything.  He’s an actor, director, and screenwriter.  We’ve seen him most recently in The Good Wife and Healer.  Ji Tae mostly does movies, so it was nice to get him in The Good Wife this summer.  It was really well received.

I have a confession. While everybody else seemed to be freaking out over Ji Chang Wook in Healer, I was drooling over Yoo Ji Tae.healer_kim_moon_ho

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick Chang Wook out of bed for eating crackers, but in this case, I was just swept away by the way Ji Tae played his character, Kim Moon Ho, and his buckets of actor’s charisma.


Yoo Ji Tae started his career as a fashion model but quickly turned to acting.  Thankfully we still get lots of gorgeous photos of him.  He’s tall, broad shouldered, and square-jawed.  He looks spectacular in trench coats. binu1

And I bet he looks good in those sweaters with the leather patches on the elbows, too.  That made for a funny google search.  This is the best I could come up with.5328da656cb81abbf098478cf18c99d6

And he’s got a cute butt.

That clip came from the movie Old Boy that Yoo Ji Tae did in 2003.  He was so scary in it that he made it onto an American list of “30 Greatest Villians of All Time” for his role. He was the only Asian actor on the list.


This is a great, fairly recent, clip that outlines his career with him laughing and talking charmingly with the host.  He also sings a tiny bit of opera. It’s worth the watch.

For those of you who what to see more of him, he has several movies coming up.  First, Split, where he plays a professional bowler (you know, with lanes and pins and stuff) which will be released November 30th.

And filming just began on Conman/Ggoon – about a conman who creates a scheme to catch the conman of the century – which will be released in 2017 sometime.


It might have to invest some time in more Kmovies.  Have a good weekend everybody!


  • Reply Brenda October 16, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    He’s got the loveliest rumbling bass voice. I could listen to him talk for hours.

    • Reply Anonymous October 16, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      Agreed! He’s seems like somebody you could hang out with comfortably for hours too. Very interesting and relaxed.

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