Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Drama Chat: Part 15&16 (With Brief Inappropriate BTS distractions)

Posted by Stephanie on October 16, 2016



Boooooo! That’s what we say (or Stephanie says) to this set of episodes. I’m sure most of our conversation will go on about this or, more realistically, Leila will talk intelligently about things while Stephanie rants, and instead talks about the fun Tumblr posts she found while she was supposed to be watching these episodes.

Stephanie: Uhhh…I have one question to ask you…WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SHOW??? Remember when it was all cuteness and light and winking at the camera? Where did that go? Now we’re bogged down in angst, court politics, and a heroine who seems to, rather than having character growth, seems to be moving backwards.

Leila: This was a fairly painful two hours, for sure.  After the second long scene of the Prince looking miserable and and teary-eyed, I started to check the clock.  “An hour and a half to go?!  Dang it!”  I’d have joined you in Tumblr surfing, but somebody had to be paying attention.  Though, since I saw that picture of Rapmon looking handsome, and JHope is looking super hot, maybe not as good attention as I should have been paying. So, we apologize in advance for any missed plot points or muddled details.

These two episodes can be summed up as:  We are mad at Ra On, and also her father, and the fiance too.  People are stupid.  

Stephanie: LAUGH. Wouldn’t it be funny if, instead of making memes as it would make me have to look at these episodes again, I just put in what I shared with you? Heh. Heh. Heh. Yes. I really have no sympathy for the heroine, who seems to have lost her spunk about 6 episodes ago. Not to mention, she’s officially so, so, so dumb. And not just for what she continues to do to the Prince, but for not leaving. Everyone knows where she lives, her mom gets attacked she gets almost caught and kidnapped and yet what do they do? Hang around in the same fudging place. Oh, and then she decides to sneak back INTO the palace? She’s no longer thinking of anyone at herself and is using the people around her. I repeat. BOOOOOO

(Yep, I faced with the prospect of making memes of these episodes, I’m just going to put in what gave me some giggles while watching instead.)

Leila: Seriously, for somebody who’s supposed to be running and hiding from the people in the palace, she spends an awful lot of time there.  And goes to all her old haunts, and the JAIL!  Just march yourself right into one of those cells, Buttercup.  Make it even easier for them.  Honestly, I was super surprised it took ’till the end of the second episode for her to get grabbed.  And she was just standing there in the open, by herself, staring at nothing, like a dingbat.  But, to offer something positive, she looked adorable in the guard uniform.  And Hyung Kim?  So so so pretty in his uniform.  I love the feathery hair in his face, but it was nice to see both his pretty eyes for once.

Stephanie: I’m not ready to be positive yet. Otherwise, I’d have to stop chatting. The terrible thing about her is the fact that she, who was once more aware than the king, seemed completely unaware that, if she’s caught, she’s going to be taking down everyone who helped her. She got caught, and the Prince got in trouble by crazy pants King and is told to kill her. Instead, Hyung Kim is forced to expose himself, destroying his relationship, and ending his life (if he gets caught), in order to save her. Yeah. SURPRISE. Daddy dearest is alive. However, he’s also the one who abandoned you to live in squalor with your mother and forcing you to live as a man your whole life. Maybe it’s time to think about the people who’ve put their necks out to help you.

Leila:  I really do miss when she was really smart about people, and relationships, and was clever.  Those were the days.  To be fair,  the Prince does what he can to help make things complicated by insisting on seeing her and help her. So he’s not completely off the hook.  But anyway… Ra On’s father!  What a jerk!  They never really did give us a good explanation for his abandonment.  I mean, I can probably guess, but I’m cranky so I’m not going to make it easy for the writers.  He waltzes back in randomly (also no explanation for that) to a wife who thought he was dead for years  “Hi!  OMG!  Guards! Aaaaaah!”  and gets taken away.  Then he sits like Yoda, uttering wise words at the Prince, who I personally think should tell him to stuff it.  Though, of course,  the Prince was sweet and eloquent.

Stephanie: Big fat stuff it! You know, I think the Prince would be acting better if she’d just have a real conversation with him. A “Hey, I love you, I’ll always remember you, but its best for both of us if we don’t stay together.” He needs closure, and not her “I’m gonna stab you” closer.  Though it did break my heart when he broke the bracelet. Don’t cry, Prince, Stephanie will make it all better. Back to dad (If I must). It’s part of how the show is becoming like other shows. We saw the guy standing there looking at the picture? We knew EXACTLY who it was. I liked this show when it kept throwing me for loops. Although Hyung Kim turning on the prince was a surprise. I hope it’s a set up.

Leila:  You make a good point about them not talking and not giving the Prince closure.  If they’re best friends and destined for each other, you’d think they’d be more comfortable talking about something they both know is going on.  Instead, she stares silently, makes him feel like this is all his fault, and lies to him a lot (by omission).

Hyung Kim got quite a bit of storyline these episodes.  He helps our star-crossed lovers like 8000 times.  Smuggles Ra-On into the jail.  He attends secret meetings of the White Cloud Society. He gets special orders from Head Rebel/Eunuch.  He finds the traitor in White Cloud who set up the Prince for the Ministers.  Uuuuh, I’m sure I’m forgetting something. He was busy. And THEN, he has to make the difficult decision, with swords at people’s necks, screaming, crying and bleeding, to try to do something to save the situation.  I watched his face very carefully while he was holding the sword to the Prince’s neck.  He seemed to be saying “please trust me.”  Since the Prince already knows that he’s working with the rebels, I am holding my breath that the Prince will keep the faith.  What do you think?tumblr_o0y9wrj7rw1qjqfioo1_500

Stephanie: I think the show suddenly got stupid and he’s a casualty. Or, you’re right, yeah, I hope that he’s hoping the Prince, with all the stuff he’s done so far, to trust him. Just a little bit. We only have 2 episodes left, so maybe we’ll be lucky. You were mentioning how Jinyoung has been pretty much absent from the last few episodes, but the princess? Completely gone this time around! Did they not think we needed to be lightened? Well, they were wrong. I do love the moment we had with Jinyoung and the queen. I love it when an evil plan is thwarted.

Leila:  If we lose Hyung Kim because of stupid, I’m going to be really angry.  Besides, our couple, he’s really the only one we’ve had a chance to bond to.  I hope that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the sacrificial feels.   

Oh, I forgot to mention… When the Prince and Daddy are talking in the jail?  They talk about the ruler doing something to make the ruling class and the people equal?  It was a little esoteric, but what I got from it was the set-up for the Prince to possibly marry Ra-On to unite the People and the Royal family. But, maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Yeah… where was the Princess?  Wouldn’t she go to her brother’s wedding?  And the King is lounging on his couch being all bug-eyed and neurotic when the Prince is walking to the alter.  These royals sure are casual.  Or rude.

I loooved getting our Jinyoung back.  He had a great plan for the real baby princess – hiding her with the gisaengs.  And him standing up to his grandfather finally?  That was interesting.  Not that he’d been weak, but that he finally spoke his mind and rejected his grandfather’s machinations.  Impressive.  And lastly, the way he’s so cutthroat.  First, that scene establishing the Queen is a cold bitch, and then him cornering her with, “Lady Queen… You *will* listen to me, because I hold all the cards.”  Possibly the best part about these two episodes.

Stephanie: Laugh! Right? When Daddy was all like “Can you imagine being friends with a person like me?” I was all… Uhhh, he wants to marry a person like you, so maybe someone who hasn’t been around for the whole drama, shouldn’t make snap judgments. These episodes didn’t have enough Prince for me, and when we did get him, he was either breaking my heart (whenever he was mooning over her) or irritated me (when he was caving as Regent to everyone AGAIN. Come on, I wanted you to be stronger than that!). The only real decision he made was to get married. Which, you know, way to go. I like that he almost caught the bad guys in the jail — you know — until he let them escape…again. How many lives does weirdo facial hair guy have?

Leila:  The minister with the curly-cue beard is like a cockroach.  One they just scoop up with a cup and put right outside the door so it just scuttles back inside again.   And when the Minister of Doom, quits and then we see him in his robes again a scene later? I just wanted to bang my head on my desk.  Ugh.

The wedding.  Lordy.  The poor fiance had a lot of unfortunate things happen to her this episode.  First, the Queen invites her to tea to tell her that her future husband isn’t interested in her because he loves his eunuch.  Then, her Dad comes by before the wedding to say, basically,  “You’re on your own now.”  Then the wedding gets aborted and she finds out the eunuch that she confided in, and that the Prince loves, is alive and running around in the palace.  Finally, the wig they made her wear.  That may be the ugliest wig I have ever seen, ever.

Stephanie: Made me wonder, at what point can she back out? Nowadays you can say hasta-la-vista right up to the wedding, but I’m guessing once her family made the deal, that was it, no backing out for her. I’m just glad that the wedding was able to be canceled before they went through with it. Even if it were for crazy pants King having one of his crazy fits. I think I deserved a cookie after this. The only upside — and it came with an ‘oh, isn’t that convenient’ eye roll — was the fact that it wasn’t actually Ra On’s dad who committed the treason. We officially have a way out, a way that they can be together, not that she deserves him. I’m going to hold to this stance until she makes a big gesture to show she loves him even a fraction of how he loves her.

Leila:  Only two more episodes for them to wrap this mess up into a pretty happy bow for us.  I still remain optimistic that we’ll get a happy ending.  I want everybody to live, at least. Well, the good guys.  I don’t mind of a few people lose their heads. Or if Ra On’s father gets it.  I’m a terrible person.  And I’m with you, I think Ra On really needs to do something big to make up for how lame she’s been, and to prove she deserves the Prince’s level of devotion

Stephanie: Leila offered me the last word. Turns out I do have one. BOOOOOOOO.


P.S. Betcha didn’t think I’d really do it, did you Leila?

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    Yeah, this one lost me by episode 12 too. It’s become so tedious, my eyes were glazing over.its a shame, it started so well. The same happened with Cinderella 4K: fun start, then the onset of stupidity and dullness halfway through. I don’t know shameful with writers these days. Thank goodness for Jealousy Incarnate – it just keeps getting better and better.

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