Ahoy There, Lee Min Ho Dead Ahead!

Posted by Stephanie on October 19, 2016

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Color me surprised* when new pictures of Lee Min Ho began floating around the web-osphere, I thought it was a movie he was working on, as, you know, he’s a full-on movie star now. (Why am I eye-rolling at him? Sorry, Lee Min Ho.) Turns out, no, he’s coming back to tv! Did I know this? I’m not sure I did. However, if I did know this and just managed to forget, it will just be a second thing I have to apologize to Mr. Lee for. (Wait. Does one have to apologize for inappropriate thoughts? Then possibly my apologies section is going to double itself.)

So. New Show. New Lee Min Ho on our TV!

The show itself I do remember as Legend of the Blue Sea is a takeoff of the Little Mermaid story, except in this case it the mermaid is the last mermaid in existence, and it looks like she might not be the only mystical being here as, by the different outfits of Lee Min Ho, this story stretches from the Joseon dynasty to current day. Potential double of the mystical beings! This could be for one of several reasons.


  1. Lee Min Ho is also ageless. As this is written by the writer of My Love From Another Star, this may not be so out of the blue. I vote he’s a wizard. (Wait, wrong show-Faith) An alien? (Wrong show again-MLFAS) A Goblin? (Nope, that would be Goblin). If this is the case and it takes him millennium to get the girl? I’m going to give him a little side-eye.
  2. We’re dealing with a case of reincarnation. She lives generations and he keeps coming back? This one seems to hold a little more juice for me, while at the same time being sadder. It would leave me just as I was left at the end of You From Another Star where, yeah, they are together, but for how long? And that sort of situation makes me cranky.

I’m happy to see Lee Min Ho again in a new show though, it has been too long (even if you count Heirs…which I totally don’t). Looking at the pictures we’ve seen he has changed a lot since we’ve last beheld him.lee-min-ho

What happened to his little cheeks? He almost looks like a different person here! If this is just what he looks like now and not some extreme diet for something, then this is another point to me checked in the ‘why actors shouldn’t stay away from us for so long’ column. Perhaps he’s getting his post-military look done early? Considering he’s going in so late, he probably feels the need to keep up with the competition.blue-sea-2

Another reason to keep an eye out for this show? Jeon Ji Hyun who was so awesome in My Love From Another Star, is set to play said mermaid! Who else is a giant fan of all of these big screen actresses doing TV projects? Wouldn’t it have been funny though if they’d cast Kim Soo Hyun in it? Who would want to bet hard money on them having asked him? If they had managed that it would have seriously blown all of the competition out of the water.

There is a teaser out, which was what alerted me to imminent show-age, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t give too much away.

Legend of the Blue Sea is set to hit our screens (like a tsunami) mid-November, which seems far away but, really is less than a month from now. Woohoo!


* What color do you think is the color of surprise? Pink is tickled (obviously), embarrassed and angry is red, which now that I think if it is also the color of love. But surprise? I’m going to go with orange. It just feels right.

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  • Reply lanaLang October 20, 2016 at 12:08 am

    Lee Min Ho seems to have lost a lot of weight! I almost didn’t recognize him and I don’t mean that in a good way.

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