Legend of the Blue Sea, Most Exciting Upcoming Show?

Posted by Stephanie on October 26, 2016


bluesea-1Guess who is officially super-duper excited for that new mermaid show? Woohoo! That would be me! Is it you? I’m guessing it’s you too, as this show looks like it’s going to be so much fun, and as a person with good taste (such as yourself) you obviously enjoy a good time. And I feel like we can all agree that Lee Min Ho plus Jeon Ji Hyun plus mermaid hijinks plus slick con man hero of course has to equal a good time.

Go ahead and check my math on that.

For a show I completely forgot actually existed 2 weeks ago this show is turning out to be the one show this year I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for…except hold on. Wasn’t Signal this year? Then this is the second show I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for. And if this show turns out half as good as Signal? And ends at least half as better (yeah, that ending still burns my buttons) this show is going to be awesome.


In general it’s this teaser which has me so jazzed. When I first heard about the show, I thought it was going to be Lee Min Ho which got me all excited, but after this teaser? Nope. Jeon Ji Hyun hands down. She is just so awesome and brings a lot of the humor she brought to the My Love From Another Star role. I’m hoping this isn’t some sort of take on the same sort of character, but really? I don’t super care. I like her, I really don’t know much about her roles. So, I can stand to see her play characters the same way for at least a couple of roles before I catch on. bluesea-lmh

However, it’s not that I have forgotten about Lee Min Ho. Nope. He’s as dreamy as ever. And by as ever I mean unlike ever because, in one of these shots, I actually didn’t recognize him he looks so different. I know I mentioned the missing cheeks (Seriously, someone put out an apb on those things!) but he really does look like a different person in these shots. I can also see he went with another perm. He does seem to like that curly haired look. Shades of Go JunPyo?

I’m also a big fan of the slick neer-do-well type of hero. As he is a scammer, I think he’ll fit the bill nicely. bluesea-lmh5

It also seems as though, with the question over the last post as to the plot and why we have past and present costumed Lee Min Ho, these two have seen each other before, but he does not remember while she does. Does that mean she’s never ending? Or does she remember past lives. As she is the last of her like, I’m guessing she has longevity and has loved him through the years. It just makes more sense. My other question is, has she met him in the past multiple times, or multiple lives, or is it just that one incarnation? How is she the last mermaid? blue-sea-2

I guess with more information just comes more questions. Question. Question. Question. Such as, Lee Min Ho, why is he so hot? Lee Min Ho, does he actually prefer his hair to be permed? Lee Min Ho, just where did you leave your cheeks? You should go back and find them.

While I thought we had a long time to wait for the show, that it wasn’t happening until the end of the year, turns out? It is the end of the year. In just a couple of weeks, this show is scheduled to hit our tv screens. And I do mean ours, as I fully intend to watch this show when it’s out, who’s with me?


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