Khottie of the Week: Jae Park of Day6

Posted by KpopontheDL on October 29, 2016

Khottie of the Week


This week’s Khottie is a special request!  Lori Morgan, a friend of the podcast, wrote to me to point out that the adorable Jae Park of Day6 had just turned 24 and was now Kchat Jjigae legal.  (How did he not get on the Khottie calendar?!)  We are big fans of Day6 here at KJ, and we love a Khottie in glasses,  so it was a pleasure to add him to the list.

csvqkcfuyaagmcsDay6 is a fairly new rock band under JYP Entertainment.  They only debuted in September of 2015!  Jae is the lead guitarist, one of the vocalists, and a sometimes rapper for the group.

jyp_day6_5Jae is Korean-American.  He was actually born in Argentina, but his family moved to California when he was 5, where he grew up and graduated from Cal State University Long Beach.

He started down the path to Kpop stardom when he auditioned for SBS Kpopstar and did really well!  He didn’t win the show, but JYP saw something special in him and scooped him up.  I think Day6 counts a as win, don’t you?tumblr_o5a0dusn7b1ti79ylo2_500Besides being beautiful and talented, Jae is known for his clever and quirky sense of humor.  He’s become somewhat famous for his hilarious tweets and hashtags.
b53f7ced0ea739d56ac8579f5812676bSince they’re still such a new group and haven’t promoted a lot yet, there isn’t as much material out there as I would like.  I’d love to see them do lots more original music and get lots more photoshoots.  181368_900Stephanie has posted several of Day6’s covers. They have a ton of them, and they’re fantastic, so it was hard to decide on which one to highlight, but Lori said this one gave her the chills and I have to agree.

Recently, we’ve been seeing Jae without his trademark glasses.  Isn’t he handsome?tumblr_of2rmllhim1ufdds5o1_500tumblr_nz3gib8ovx1ufdds5o1_1280-2This summer he became the new MC of Arirang’s After School Club.  Here he is with fellow Day6 member, YoungK.

This was a really fun post for me to do!  I am taking requests, so if you have an actor or idol you’d like to see me cover, please comment on any of the Khottie posts.  I’ll add them to the pile!  See you next week!tumblr_nw0yt74gun1sfkxtpo2_1280


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