Sniffle*Sniffle*Sniffle Not Topsu…Noooo!

Posted by Stephanie on November 1, 2016



Although, this adds a whole different level to a certain someone’s T.O.P/Junsu fanfiction….

Word on the street is that both T.O.P and Junsu have taken the test to join the police force for their military duty. Both are looking at early 2017 as a date to leave us to do their service. Do you need a moment for the weeping to end? For your heart to stop racing? For the echoes of your ‘Noooooooo!!!’ to disappear?

Go ahead, take what you need.

It’s not like this was a surprise, right? The actual surprise is how long it actually took. Rumors have been rolling like scary, scary thunder for a while that these two guys were off. T.O.P would, of course, be the first from BigBang to go as he is the oldest and Junsu? Well, both of his bandmates are already serving, and have been for a while—Jaejoong with the marines (I think) and Yoochun with the police. Now Junsu has applied for the army police, I’m not sure what that means exactly, but after the dissolution of the celebrity division, the police section seems to be the most popular place for celebrities to aim for right now.

As these two are my top two favorites, I’m particularly sad. I’ll miss T.O.P and his wacky Instagrams. I’ll miss Junsu and his creepy Instagrams where he shaves inches off his face. Oh. Wait. No, I won’t. That shit is creepy and I just want to tell him we love him just the way he is and he does not need to fix a single thing about himself.

Now, knowing that he is settling things to prepare for his military service, it makes more sense that he gave up his position as captain of his celebrity soccer team. When he did so originally they said it was because of his musical schedule, but Junsu has been doing musicals for years and still managed to hold his title. Dorian Grey is almost done and now he chooses to step down? yeah, I smelled something hinky going on there.

As fans we have to accept that this will happen to our favorites, however, it’s especially hard when it happens to your uber favorites. It makes me wonder how they will do in the military? Is it even possible for them to come out looking more attractive as is the norm? How will the ultra-modest T.O.P even exist in a place with communal showers?

I’m just sayin’.

Anyway. We knew the time is coming. We still have a while before it actually arrives. But still. It’s a shot right through a fangirls heart. Bullseye.

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