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Posted by Stephanie on November 3, 2016



The struggle continues. With the new commute, and change of schedule I’m trying very hard to get dramas in. I’ve found the trick to actually getting drama into my life? Is actually the commute itself!

In preparation for the change, I bought a tablet and I learned a very interesting factoid about tablets—it can be used for more than just reading fanfiction! (Imagine that.) Yes, by putting actual shows on my tablet, I will actually sit there on the trains and watch more dramas.

But now it’s time to figure out what to watch! I finished the LGBT Thai drama Make It Right (eh), I finished the Chinese drama Love O2O (by the end I was eh as well) and now I’m finishing Bromance. Turns out there was a theme there. Finishing dramas I always meant to go back to. You know, the ones which linger there for some reason abandoned?

So, I’ve decided to just push through, continue on and see just how many dramas I can knock off my list. This works for me for several reasons.

  1. I know what to expect from the show. The possibility for someone looking over my shoulder and seeing something objectionable lessens.
  2. I’m able to make it look through I’m plowing through more dramas. Sure, I’ve already seen like half of the drama, but a check in the done column is a check in the done column. Right?
  3. If I’ve guiltlessly abandoned the show once, then having to stop watching an episode once I hit my stop, wouldn’t be an issue, would it? Is it weird to say that my life can not handle a crack drama right now? No show that is so good that I want to do episode after episode because mama ain’t got that sort of time.

Now I think I’m officially half way through Bromance (is it just me or is this show not as exciting as the gif sets?) it’s time to start thinking about new dramas. Or new old dramas. Let’s take a look at the list.


D-Day? Nope. Too exciting. That show sucked me in once, I can’t take the chance that it will do it again.

go mrs go

Go Mrs. Go. Hmm…even though I’m 20 plus episodes through this show? It’s a family drama at over 50 episodes. I think this will take me too long to get my way through. This kind of negates part of the reasons why I’m completing shows. Although. This is a good one. Although again. It did kind of take over my life when I was watching it the first time. So that’s two strikes against a good show. Sorry Mrs Go.

oh my venus

Oh My Venus. I watched two episodes of this show. Everyone seemed to like it. Wasn’t it one of the big shows last year? But is two episodes enough to stay I’ve partially done the show? And if I remember correctly, I really didn’t care for the heroine of that either.


Someone Like You? It would follow the apparent non-kdrama theme I also have going on. I’m not entirely certain why I stopped watching this show. I think I was irritated by the hero who we had to believe had so much on his plate, and it was so important for people not to learn he was blind and yet wouldn’t have the surgery to fix it? What the? And then he was going to start chasing the other girl because she has dead fiance’s heart? Although. That’s a nice swap. Usually, these dramas go with the heroine getting dead fiance’s heart. Giving it to the b-lead is an interesting twist. Hmmm….

HAHAHAHAHHAA an update. When I was searching my databanks for a photo, I came across this meme I made for another post. Apparently, I disliked this show more than I remember. someone-like-you-feature

Maybe I should take this as a warning from Past Me, I’m sure Future Me will thank Present Me.


Cruel Romance? Gah! I was hooked on this show and it’s crazy antics. The girl and her dumbness did start to irritate me though. I did make it through Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and that irritatingly dumb heroine, so what’s to say I couldn’t do it again? I do though wonder if this is too crack-y for me. Can I just stop watching after one episode? glorious-day

Glorious Day? Cherry loves the pants off this show! I watched about 16 episodes before bailing…I mean stalling. This one does have a lot of episodes, but it wasn’t crack, there wouldn’t be anything cringy for people to see when they mush up over my shoulder, it has a cute main couple. Perhaps this is the winner.


What about Producers? I think I’m more than halfway through that show. I didn’t love it. Kim Soo Hyun was pretty awesome in it and it would be an easy finish. (By easy I mean fast.)

Hmm…decisions, decisions.


  • Reply SaraG November 3, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    I didn’t like the Oh My Venus heroine right away, but I ended up loving the drama…I recommend it 🙂

  • Reply Amber Kmuse November 4, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    I throw my vote for Glorious Days

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