Guk Joo Joins We Got Married?

Posted by Stephanie on November 10, 2016

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Well, guess who just joined the We Got Married audience?
(…..uh…that would be me.)

Man, I love me some Guk Joo and I haven’t had a proper outlet for that love since Roommates ended. (And due to my recent extreme dislike of Seho I can never go back and rewatch those episodes. No, Seho I have still not forgiven you for your treatment of Jungkook on that stupid show I hope got canceled. My name is Stephanie and I am not the forgiving and forgetting type.)

Anywhoo. Back to our pal Guk Joo. 

She is such an adorable hoot and the fact that they are giving her a spot on WGM sprinkles me with all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Her partner in fake coupledom is apparently one of the seven dwarves, Sleepy. Dude. Who is this guy? From the way he dresses I’m going to go out on a very short limb and say musician? Indie rocker to be exact? Right? It has to be.

Apparently, they have been panelists on some shows together and have a great chemistry. Or they laugh a lot together? That being said, Guk Joo is a comedian, it’s kind of her job to make those around her laugh.

I’ve never really been a big fan of We Got Married. The whole fake marriage concept just creeps me out. The only time I ever made an exception was when what’s his face and that girl were on. You know, the ones who basically became the skinship couple.


Oh! Song Jae Rim! and the girl was…Kim Eun…something. Even with their smoking dynamics and Song Jae Rim’s even smokier good looks, I lasted maybe three episodes. On top of that,  I didn’t even watch the whole episodes, just the chunks they were in.

So, while the chances I’ll follow through with sticking with the show is pretty slim, however, my like of Guk Joo and happiness that she keeps chugging along in her career is enough to get me to check in.

Could a drama be that far away?

(Unfortunately…yes, yes it’s very very far away. Bummer.)

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  • Reply Liz C November 13, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    Oh, I’ll totally watch 3 episodes of this.

    Also, I highly recommend the WGM/International season with Key/Heechul because:
    1) it’s shorter than the regular seasons
    2) the communication attempts and issues with the “wives” (Taiwanese idol actress and a Japanese model/actress) are interesting, and made me ponder if there is an emerging “Asian cultural identity” in the 21st century.
    3) If you are someone who likes to ponder the possible sexual identities of idols, well…. there’s a lot to ponder in this season.

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