Make Way For Fangirl Squeeees

Posted by Stephanie on November 23, 2016

Casting News

bg03I’m sorry, I need to get this out of the way. Best to cover your ears.


Word on the Kstreet is that the awesome show, Bad Guys is coming back for a season two! I know, I know, this is very exciting news! 

I was a huge fan of Bad Guys before it came out, when it was out and before I was able to watch, loved it when I first started to watch, lost a bit of luster towards the end, but now that we’re like a year or two out? I’m back to thinking more of this show is the best news ever!

This show was made for a remake, don’t you think? They left it in just the right spot, with all of them back in jail, with their futures up in the air, with their leader (rightfully, that dirty bastard) in jail with them so that a second season is almost a necessity. I don’t know about you guys, but I must know what happened to these guys. At least to the serial killer who turned out to not be a serial killer at all but framed for said murders by a…well, if you don’t know you should watch, I’ve spoiled enough. I mean, he was clearly not guilty of his crimes, why exactly was he still in jail at the end?

The downside of this news is the fact that the original cast hasn’t actually signed onto the show yet. The only thing that can take this awesome news and turn it into the worst news EVER? Is if they make a season two and yet don’t have the original cast come back, like they have new bad guys to exploit. This would work storywise– but would irritate the loving fudge out of me. Part (or all) of the allure of this show was this cast. These characters and how they ended up working out together. The serial killer, the mobster, the contract killer, the crooked cop.

Would these guys even want to come back? It was a pretty big hit so I’d want to say yes, but one of them has moved on to be a pretty big freaking deal, it’s two years later, and it’s now legend how much these guys were injured doing this show. I can only imagine round two would be worse.

Clearly, if its original cast, this is a slam dunk, of course I’ll watch. If it’s a new cast? I shall turn away and pretend I never heard of it. (Ahem… Let’s Eat 2)

So let’s all hope the prize is behind window number one.

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