BONUS PODCAST! Killer Girl K Episode 1 Commentary

Posted by Cherry Cordial on November 26, 2016


Hello everyone! Here’s something new we haven’t tried before. This weekend, we watched Killer Girl K for Operation Kdrama Chat together and decided to try something we’ve talked about for a while! Record us watching (because you know us, we can’t shut our faces for more than three minutes at a go) so you can watch with us! (Kind of.) All you need to do is queue up episode one of Killer Girl K and on the count of three, press play! We hope you have fun….

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This show is about a killer, it is on a cable network, so this means there will be violence, lots and lots of blood, and some nudity.

Other Info

The show can be found on KissAsian, DramaNice, and GoodDrama. We watched it on KissAsian, so the timing may be slightly better with that version.

Killer Girl K on MyDramaList

Other Episodes in the Series

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Listener Question

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Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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