Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Awkward = Cool. I Swear.

Posted by SaraG on December 1, 2016


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After a long drawn out discussion (read: three texts between Stephanie and I), the conclusion was drawn that there is just too much music to only have Musical Mondays…To help alleviate some of that pent up musical frustration, we are dedicating Musical Mondays to the alter of new releases and adding Throwback (Musical) Thursdays for older songs that just deserve some attention.

Yes, I listen to all (not all) types of music and across all (most) genres, but these days I am pretty heavily focused on Korean Hip Hop. The style is very reminiscent of 90s hip hop in the U.S. but with that thing that makes Korean music, well, Kmusic. When I stumble on a song I really like by an artist that I am not familiar with I like to dig back into their catalogue to see if I connect with anything else…if yes, then I start to follow them. Religiously. I am that person that waits, with bated breath, for new videos to drop. I continually do the time zone math and obsessively troll iTunes for things to be released. But I, like a lot of people in their mid (ahem, it’s still mid) thirties, I often go back to older stuff over and over and over.

I got into San E and Mad Clown around the same time and really connected with both of them. When this little gem was released in November 2015, I gotta say, it was a highlight of what, I am sure, was otherwise just another day at the grindstone. It is bright and playful. It has this up and down beat that just pulls you along. Their styles are so different, and yet blend seamlessly together in this song. And they both revel in their absolute awkwardness.

While in Kpop you rarely see group members do collaborations across labels, it is VERY common for rappers, hip hop artists, and R&B singers. Which means we get to see all sorts of wonderful (and sometimes painful) pairings. San E is with Brand New Music and though he is billed as a solo rapper, he has a great singing voice and has put out some pretty stellar duets with various female artists. In this song he raps, he sings, and yes, he dances. They both do. It’s not good…which makes it great.

Mad Clown is a rapper and producer on Starship Entertainment. He is, let’s be honest, a bit of a one trick pony with his rapping style. But, darn it, I like that trick. I am all in.

San E and Mad Clown, Sour Grapes

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