Happy Birthday KpopontheDL

Posted by Stephanie on December 2, 2016



Every week our friend KpopontheDL (otherwise known on the site as Leila) dishes out our allotted dose of Khottie. She toils weekly, her blood, sweat, and fangirl tears collecting photos, gifs, and videos to make her case as to why this weeks choice deserves the mantle of Khottie. She strives in her continuing campaign to lower the legal Khottie age down from 24 to 21. She adorably didn’t know what ‘on the down low’ meant when choosing her moniker, giving me giggles every time I type it. She raises dogs to compete. (What does this have to do with Kpop or Khotties? Nothing. I just like to show she has layers.)

She also has a birthday.

Once word got out as to how this woman who does so much to spread the Kpop word was celebrating, a few people demanded to stop by to say their thanks, wish her well, and say “Hey. Look at us. We are Pretty. Yeah. We know you want to… usually, it would creep us out all the staring, but it’s your birthday so we’ll let it slide this one time. But just this one time. Don’t get used to it. Aaaaand begin.”

Those Kpop Khotties are such smart asses. 

As hard as I tried to keep them away, Astro was first in line in some sort of attempt to murder KpopontheDl with some sort of aegyeo mind meld.


Even Hoseok, BTS’s little ball of sunshine can’t help to give those guys side-eyes for that. Leila, he said, is way too cool to fall for such obvious ploys.


So he spread the word to the rest of the guys and they decided to get together and wish her a happy birthday which was both cool and cute. They appreciate your attempts to bring down the Khottie age and expect that once you wear Stephanie down, they are the first on your list.


Zico scoffs, “You think that is cool? Obviously, you don’t know KpopontheDL. She likes her Khottie with a little bit of attitude. This, now this is how you send a birthday gif.”


Is there something wrong with cuteness and light? Sandeul obviously doesn’t think so. He looks forward to the the day soon where you will be touching him.


Wait. What? That came out wrong.


Dok2 decides it’s not nearly sexy enough in here. “And I’m pretty sure Leila will agree. Someone should take their shirt off. STAT.”


T.O.P sneers, one needs not be shirtless to be sexy.


Which just makes Junsu giggle so hard he can’t say anything to KpopontheDL.


So hand harts with JYJ will just have to work. Do you feel it? Do you feel the love?


SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah,
SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah,
SA-rang Ha-neun KpopontheDL,
SAENG-il CHU-kah HAM-ni-dah


aaaaannnnd many more!


BAP pretty much sums it up…. bap




  • Reply DBChen December 2, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    Seventeen says “Mansae”

    • Reply KpopontheDL December 3, 2016 at 7:17 pm

      Thank you! I love that pile of puppies.

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