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Posted by SaraG on December 12, 2016


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BigBang is magical.


Their comeback made me look forward to a Monday. I have yet to meet a person that looks forward to Mondays. I LOVE my job and I get angry at Sunday for being the herald of Monday.

So me waking up at 4:50am in Colorado on a Monday morning and doing the complex math in my head to countdown to midnight in South Korea….excitedly….that is pure magic.

I have a strong feeling that nobody is looking for me to wax poetic about my warm and fuzzy feels for BigBang. No one wants to know that theirs was the first fandom I considered myself a part of…VIP all the way. Not a one of you is interested in the fact that when my children were very small, they chose TOP and GD as their ideal Pokemon trainers…if they, my children, were Pokemon. Or that, when she was only 4 years old, my youngest cried real tears when she realized that GD was a grownup and that he probably wouldn’t wait for her to grow up so they could get married. Real. Tears. And does anyone here really care that my husband got genuinely sad one day in the car while we were listening to some GD solo stuff and he realized that our boy hadn’t yet gone into the military. We were crushed to learned that TOP will be going in for his two years…on my birthday. I have already let my boss know that I will be taking the day off of work.

Nope, you all just want to hear about the new music. These are my first impressions. I haven’t obsessively watched them yet, nor have I had the deep discussion with Alix, KPopontheDL, Stephanie, or Cherry that will obviously happen via text in approximately 25 minutes from now.

So let’s get down to first impressions….

These songs. These songs are exactly in line with what was put out as the MADE series. This is the BigBang I happen to like the best. It is all self-reflective, nostalgic, and “see, we are just like you.” But, you know, they aren’t just like us. They are hugely famous, well loved, fashionable, and talented. They aren’t even like other Kpop groups….they are seasoned and mature in their field, they have consistently put out well respected, if not always adored, music that they, as individuals, have had a hand in creating. They rarely do variety shows or interviews, and yet they remain in the upper echelon of popularity. Even if you didn’t like their newest music, you would probably drop a couple of hundred bucks on tickets to see them on the next tour because when would you ever have the chance to be in the same space as these man-gods again?

These songs feel like their acceptance that big changes are imminent and they are celebrating everything they have done to this point. Deservedly so. But they are kind of sad about it. Maybe I am projecting.

Fxxk It

This song and video are so much like We like to Party it is almost like a movie and a sequel. I don’t mean that they sound the same or even look that much alike. But think about it…We Like to Party is them, together, having a night on the town and then a sleepover because….well, because they are a family and that is what family does (chosen family anyway). That whole video says “we are so close that we spend time together doing fun things.”

Fxxk It really seems the same to me, but with the sadness amped up. The video feels like that last night of partying before graduation.  It is hanging in your best friend’s bedroom watching porn together before a night on the town…for the last time. They are having fun, but desperately. Know what mean? Based on the name I had expected a driving dance song…like Bang Bang Bang…but that is not what they made. You can certainly dance to it, it is definitely a going out song, but it is a just a bit slower from start to finish and slows way down in the middle.


Last Dance

Last Dance is all angles and filters. It is slow and sad. It is groups of kids being kids together as only kids can do and then them, alone, being adults. Growing up and growing apart. Even in crowds, most of the extras have their faces covered because they don’t count because they aren’t and never were part of this group.

Everyone sings in this…sings…even TOP. It is beautiful. There is a rap at the end of the song, but it is more melodic and softer than we usually hear. It is more sing talking.

Top’s top few shirt buttons are undone….just pointing that out.

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