Khottie of the Week: The Santa Baby Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 24, 2016

Khottie of the Week


As I am a benevolent boss, I have graciously given KpopontheDL the weekend off, and reclaimed the Khottie giving crown and will attempt to keep up the standard which she has now set. As it is the holidays I thought I’d discuss something which is often on my mind during Christmas.

The obligatory Kpop Holiday shoot. Let’s all take a break from our incessant holiday snacking and contemplate Khotties in costume. 6359686382763956252120993218_tumblr_inline_nvb9nxpulh1tvz3m2_500

A very serious and solemn topic. 

Shall we ease into it? The boy aegyeo kings B1A4 are, of course, all sorts of adorable in their holiday gear. b1a4

They say, who’s the cutest? b1a4_christmas

We say, you all are!

BigBang says “Look boys, you can celebrate the holidays while still keeping your cool.”

Okay, this one is a total cheat as…technically T.O.P isn’t quite embarrassingly attired but, this suave mofo refused to be denied.


Block B also thinks you can holiday photoshoot while keeping it classy. block-b

Classy, yeah…classy.



I can’t decide if this is an actual photoshoot or someone’s stellar photoshop skills, but either way, once found it demanded on being included.

And it’s not just the poppy kpoppers who fall for the holiday the likes of Epik High take a deep breath and do their part to bolster fledgling Christmas spirit. epik-high-2

I don’t know much about BTOB but I do know someone sets the tinsel to sparkle in his Santa hat.



BTS says Ho, Ho, Ho Mofo!


If I didn’t love them to the point of obsession already, this would probably do it…


CNBlue has a little bit of cheater-cheater-mochi-eater with their artful holiday look. Somebody’s cordi-noona loves them. cnblue

EXO, EXO, EXO with a holiday themed CD, I would have expected a little more from you. But the bow ties are cute. And you do get bonus Chanyeol points.


Not to be outdone by Chanyeol and his ears…


Nice try buddy, I keep trying to look at the edge of the screen going…”Hey, is that Chanyeol? I think that’s Chanyeol.”

This Got7 shoot makes you sit back and go, well, isn’t that purdy. Then makes you rethink big bulbs for the tree.


It’s not just Kpoppers who get tugged into the mix. Actors must do their time in the Christmas chair as well. Lee Jun Ki pulls it off nicely.


But mostly? It’s the kpoppers for the win. The win? infinite

I’m wondering if Shinee and their elf costumes think so…


Some would say Niel from Vixx may be having a little too much fun— some—but not us though.


Also excited for their turn in the Christmas costumes? The other guys from VIXX



They need to be shown how it’s done, Super Junior? How about you give them a lesson?


Sigh. Nevermind. Oh, you want to try again? super-junior

Oh Super Junior, how could you? These kids look up to you. They learn from your experiences. What would you think if your seniors had done something like…


Damn it, Shinhwa.


I give up. Merry fudging Christmas.





  • Reply KpopontheDL December 25, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    You’re the bestest boss! Merry Christmas!

    • Reply Stephanie December 30, 2016 at 12:54 pm

      Ho. Ho. Ho. It’s good to keep my skills sharp.

  • Reply Anon February 22, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    Awwe, supercute post! Just one correction: Niel is from Teen Top, not Vixx.

    Thanks. Loved it.

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